Dangerous Items Found At Estate Sales By A Liquidator

A recent discussion of what estate liquidators find when preparing a home for an estate sale revealed not only dangerous items, but some items that most liquidators would not expect to encounter. As a former estate liquidator for 20 plus years, I was fortunate enough not to encounter anything like these.

Here is what one liquidator has encountered during his 30 years in the liquidation business. Estate liquidators wear many hats as you will see here.

A Civil War land mine with the plunger up. It was taken to the state police bomb squad.

Grenades required a call to the police captain.

This liquidator found Browning machine guns. The liquidator called an FFL with the proper paper work because the can sell or dispose of these items.

He also found an Electric Shock Machine which was donated to a local hospital museum.

WWII vets brought many items home as souvenirs of their conquests or battles.

Compressed gas cylinders, and chemicals. Sometimes you will find old photographic and/or scientific chemicals.

On one occasion this liquidator had a tractor trailer full of fur pelts. He informed the owners he would not allow anyone near the trailer and had it tagged no entry and locks put on the doors. This was a job for hazardous waste.

We would like to thank Charles Noe of CA-CT Quality Antiques Auctions and Estate Sales for providing this valuable information.