Tips For Hiring An Estate Sale Company From Estate Sale Companies

There are several sources that offer to provide you with verified or successful estate sale companies. Unfortunately, most of these sources have never conducted an estate sale so recommending an estate sale company is merely utilizing information that they can readily acquire through the internet including BBB ratings (not a true indication of performance), feed back from sellers (written, not an actual conversation with them), the time you have been in business, verification of insurance (this is important), and the number of sales conducted within a period of time (numbers don’t add up to knowledge or success).

These are not what determines a successful liquidation company.

We put the question to hundreds of estate sale companies what they feel is important. Here are the answers we received.

Check three completed sales and the dates they were completed. Speak to the sellers if possible. Best to hear it from the horses mouth.

Ask the liquidators you interview how they take precautions and measures to safeguard your home before and during a sale. Professional liquidators will be on alert to keep your contents secure as they have years of experience doing so. Another reason not to conduct your own estate sale. More and more estate sale companies are now hiring security during the sale and in some cases, before the sale (at night, and during set-up) depending on the location.

Another liquidator also talked about knowing how to handle hazardous or dangerous items at a liquidation (we will be discussing that further in another article).

Knowing the market your property is in. What estate liquidators refer to as brown furniture is not selling or selling at low price points. Much of this has to do with repurposing by buyers who want to paint or transform these pieces. Unless you have been in the business of liquidation, no matter what you paid for that mahogany table or hutch it has dropped significantly in value. Just looking at eBay isn’t sufficient research.

You need to know what is selling in your community and what prices it is bringing. eBay is national source, and only completed auctions with sold items can assist with value. Even that can be questionable. Professional liquidators have a variety of sources and many are also qualified appraisers.

All of this is helpful information from the professionals in the estate liquidation industry. Good advice from those in the know.