Pricing Estate Sale Contents Is Important

Pricing estate sale contents is important and can be challenging for estate sale companies.

Whether you are selling contents in Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA., Summit, NJ, Orlando, FL, or Detroit, MI. your prices will reflect the geographics of your location.

For estate sale companies where and how to research is important and for estate liquidators that starts with experience and knowledge in the personal contents liquidation business.

Years ago estate liquidators bought books by the dozens for everything from art pottery to Victorian furniture, general items, antiques and collectibles. Each year estate liquidators would buy the most recently published books for research, however, geographic locations were not included in these books.

Now with the internet, research is available at your finger tips. This doesn’t just include eBay. Estate sale companies have the ability to look at what other estate liquidators in their area are selling on such websites as and others. The can also look at the prices on AuctionZip, Worthpoint, and other auction and resale websites.

Liquidators are also communicating with each other on sites like Facebook. They can discuss items, values and read the opinions of other estate sale companies and appraisers. The internet has opened the doors to the information super highway on estate liquidations. This has enabled estate liquidators to be better informed when selling your contents. It helps them determine what items should be highlighted in advertising, and focus on what their buying public is looking for and willing to pay.

Sellers, estate sale companies working on commissions want to achieve the highest and best possible prices for you and to increases their earnings. No experienced estate sale company wants to just give away your contents. Liquidators want to achieve success for you and them. They want to have you as a referral for future clients.

Pricing right is another reason to choose wisely and is a reminder when you interview an estate sale company how they arrive at prices. Success isn’t just in a liquidators hands, it is also in yours, choosing the right estate sale company for you.