Estate Sales In Summer Are Not Garage Sales

Estate sales in summer are not garage sales. During the summer it is easy for shoppers to think that because an estate sale is being held in the summer months this should result in lower prices.

An estate liquidation is not the same type of sale as a garage or yard sale. Estate sale companies are professional liquidators.

A garage or yard sale is not run by a professional liquidator. Garage and yard sales are run by homeowners or tenants looking to eliminate accumulations of items no longer wanted.

A seller(s) hires a professional estate sale company to liquidate their contents. Estate liquidators understand the value of the contents of a home. Items will not be priced in nickles, dimes or quarters. Seller(s) expect them to obtain the current market value in their community for their belongings.

Estate sale companies may use Craigslist to advertise their sale, but that does not classify it as a garage sale.

Reaching the broadest audience possible is the goal of estate liquidators. This could be listing estate sales on advertising listing websites such as and/or other advertising listing websites. It may also include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. Most estate sale companies also have their own websites.

Entering an estate sale with the thoughts of purchasing at garage sale prices is poor estate sale etiquette. Purchasers looking for discounts on the first day of an estate sale can offend the estate liquidator and may result in you being asked to leave or missing the opportunity to return another day if discounts will be offered.

Their responsibility is a fiduciary with the seller, not buyers. Estate sale companies appreciate their customers and encourage buyers to attend. On the first day when the door opens for entrance to the estate sale, attend with the knowledge if you choose to make a purchase that day you will be paying the price on the tag of the item you are interested in. Discounts are rarely if ever given on the first day of an estate liquidation.

Estate sales are typically held from two to four days depending on the volume of contents to be sold.

Garage and yard sale sellers are usually set up for one day and negotiating is part of the shopping experience. It is a now or maybe never situation.