Selling A Collection At An Estate Sale

Selling a collection at an estate sale? Many of the baby boomer generation are collectors.

The baby boomer generation is a large portion of the population downsizing and moving. Many boomers have a variety of accumulations they want to reduce or eliminate. Many collectors hire an estate sale company and have them conduct an estate sale. Selling off collections requires estate sale companies to have the knowledge how to approach and conduct the sale.

Starting with determining the amount of time to research the collection. They base their charges on the time involved researching, setting up and pricing. The larger or more rare or unique the assemblage, the more time an estate liquidator may need to adequately research the collection. In some cases they may seek out an appraiser with specific knowledge in the items to be sold for assistance.

An estate sale company needs to understand the value of the items in the collection. Why they have value. Understanding the monetary value and how and where it is derived from whether it is rare, condition, color, or age, all of these aspects must be considered.

Selling a collection at an estate sale requires the estate sale company to find and target the specific audience that will be interested in purchasing the items. Knowledge and experience of where and how to advertise will be key to achieving success for the seller(s) and the estate liquidator.

Starting July 16th in Dallas, TX there is a vintage radio estate sale. The sale is being conducted by Remington Estate Sales LLC. This company has listed this estate on the three major estate sale advertising websites as well as other estate sale listing sites. Demonstrating reaching out to a target audience. Click here for a link to this sale

The owner of the items of this sale owned Hillcrest High Fidelity and was a founding member of the Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society.