Selling Designer Clothing And Accessories At Estate Sales

Selling designer clothing and accessories at estate sales. Estate sales that include designer personal clothing and accessories as more baby boomers downsize.

The estate liquidator now includes selling designer items in their bank of knowledge. Knowing who designers are and which designers are more popular than others. Estate sale companies research these items through retail prices, sales on eBay and other outlets that resell. These may even include consignment shops.

An estate sale starting July 29th in Fullerton, California conducted by Aversa Estate Sales is selling designer clothing and accessories. Sunglasses include Emmanuelle Khann, Ted Lapidus, Nina Ricci, Givenchy, Christian Dior and others. Click here for a link to the sale.

Included in this estate sale in Fullerton, California are mens designer shoes. Here are a few photos. Designer clothing and furs are also included in this sale.






Articles have been published over the years about reselling designer wear. Published in the Daily Worth in July 2013, published in 2011 in the Wall Street Journal. Harpers Bazaar in 2015 also published a story. Researching designer clothing is also done through visiting consignment shops and eBay. eBay clothes usually sell to resellers.

Estate Sale companies may seek out other companies who have more experience in selling designer clothing and accessories. Experience and knowledge are needed to price accurately and most estate sale companies network with each other in their local areas.

Interested in finding and purchasing designer clothing and accessories to buy at estate sales?  Visit the estate sale advertising listing websites below. Type into their search section designer clothing. You will be amazed at what is out there for sale at well below retail prices. You could be wearing Prada, Louis Vitton, or Michael Kors too at affordable prices. Stretch your buying power by shopping at estate sales near you. Estate sales have so much offer.