Estate Sale Collections Hot Or Not

Estate sale collections hot or not. Most estate sales have some collection included in the sale, however many collections are not hot right now. They can be large or small.

Understanding that collections that were once highly treasured and sought after have gone cold is not easy for most sellers to except.

Estate sale companies do not want to sell your items cheap. Commissioned based estate sales are looking for the best or highest value for items in the sale. The more an estate sale company can sell your  contents for, the more they receive in commission.

It is not easy for sellers to accept that items such as hummels, collector plates, and other collectibles from the last forty plus years do not have the value paid for them.

Estate liquidators face a daunting task to explain the loss of value. Emotional attachment by sellers often over shadows the acceptance of what they can expect.

Paying retail value for collectible items twenty to forty years ago does not guarantee an increase in value.

Value today is based upon demand. Low demand decreases value. Emotional value is different from actual retail value. We all have our treasures, but we purchased them because we enjoyed them.

Knowledgeable and experienced estate sale companies explain what has happened to many collections. Estate liquidators look for highest and best value. They research the value through many websites.

Determining value is what has sold. Items currently for sale are do not set market value.

Allowing the estate sale company to do their job pricing is placing trust in the company you hired.

Decide when you interview an estate sale company if you can place your trust in them so they can do their job for you.