Mid-Century Modern Is Still What Is Hot

Estate sale companies are discussing what’s hot at estate sales. Mid-Century Modern is still what is hot.

Mid-Century covers a period of furnishings from 1935 through the 1960’s.

In April of 2015, Curebed.com featured an article by Laura Fenton entitled “Why The World Is Obsessed With Midcentury Modern Design”. To read this fascinating article click on this link.

Mid-Century is one of the hot items in most areas of the country at estate sales. Estate sale companies heavily advertise any furnishings that may be in their estate sales.

The Millennial generation is embracing the Mid-Century design. So many of their generation are choosing to live in cities.  Their homes (apartments, condos, and townhouses) are smaller spaces. They are looking for the sleekest, least space consuming design with a sleek flare. Millennials are turning to Mid-Century Modern. Some buyers may choose IKEA. The true Mid-Century furnishings are found at estate sales, generally are less in price and of higher quality. 

Collectors of Mid-Century Modern are always on the hunt. EstateSalesNews.com covered an estate sale in September 2014 in Midland, Michigan. It was filled with designer Mid-Century furniture including a highly sought after George Nelson Marshmallow sofa. Click here for a link to our article.

Coming up this week on July 15th an estate sale in Atlanta, GA by Promised Land Estate Sales Mid-Century Modern is available for sale. Here is a Link.

In La Costa, CA another Mid-Century estate sale starts on July 15th by Estate Sale Professionals. Here is a link to that sale.

Find estate sales near you this weekend with Mid-Century Modern furnishings by checking out these estate sale advertising websites.




If you are looking for more Mid-Century furnishings ask the estate sale companies you shop to include you on their email list for future sales containing these sleek modern pieces.

Here are some photos of MidCentury furnishings representing the great sleek modern designs.