Estate Sale Commission Last Consideration!

The estate sale commission is your last consideration and here is why.

So many estate sale companies have come on line in the last three plus years competition has become fierce. Many new companies try to compete with a lower commission.

When looking to hire an estate sale company, the estate sale commission should not be what influences your decision. Consider the following before you even ask about the commission.

How long has the company been in business? How did the liquidator gain knowledge and experience to sell personal property contents?

Ask about the estate sale company staff and if they have experience.

Advertising is so important with so many estate sales. Ask where and how they advertise. Do they have a private email list of customers that they send to each week?

How do they conduct their set-up and staging.

Do they research for pricing and where do they look for information. eBay should not be the only answer. Experienced estate liquidators know where to research.

How do they provide security? Do they use locked showcases, extra staff or even an off duty policeman?

The estate sale company should thoroughly review their contract with you . Ask questions about any part of the estate sale contract you do not understand.

Ask the estate sale company about liability insurance. Do they have it?

Estate sale companies should discuss the amount of time it will take them to prepare for the sale. If you have a hoarder house will there be any additional charges?

What happens after the estate sale? Do they provide clean out services? When do you get paid?

If you aren’t sure about an estate sale company, visit one of their estate sales. Observe, listen, and look around. How do you feel about the way the estate sale looks and is being handled?

Now you are ready to ask about the commission an estate sale company charges. Make an informed decision.

Still have questions about hiring an estate sale company? Here is a link to our page to help you.

Remember, that hiring the company with the lowest commission may lead to “you get what you pay for”.