Preventing Theft At Estate Sales

Preventing theft at estate sales is important as more people attend the sale.

Estate liquidators are hiring off duty policemen for security and safety for their estate sales.

Estate sale companies can use this security to ensure orderly entrance into the estate sale as well as monitor those exiting. The off duty police officer may ask to see your receipt. He or she may also ask to look at the contents of your bags or boxes.

Estate sale staff are monitoring the personal property entrusted into their care. If staff see someone trying to steal or change a price tag, they will report this to the owner of the estate sale company and the security person.

Many estate sale companies that have caught thieves have taken to posting their photos on Facebook to warn others and hopefully prevent further theft attempts. They hope the embarrassment of their photo will succeed when viewed by the general public.

Estate sale companies can prosecute anyone caught stealing. Many use video cameras to monitor their sales.

Estate liquidators are now limiting coats and in many cases preventing pocket books from being brought into the estate sale. In Florida it is not uncommon to see yard signs that clearly say no large bags or purses.

Locked showcases are being used and have staff working with the public to see the items in the showcase. One item at a time.

When entering any estate sale make sure to read “all” the signs posted by the estate sale company. This will include what type of payments are excepted and what can happen if you are caught stealing.

Estate liquidators network with each other to keep those in their area informed about any theft that has occurred and what the individual looked like. Some have even taken photos of the suspected thief’s car and license plate.

Protecting the owners belongings is the goal of every estate sale company and they are using more resources to achieve this outcome.