Shopping At Estate Sales In Person Or Online

Shopping estate sales online or in person. Which works for you?

There are some companies that have offered online estate sales. Two large national companies prefer selling this way. Another estate sale listing website has announced that it too will offer online estate sales starting next year. All this in a growing competition to attract buyers and estate sale companies.

How do you like to shop? Do you like to handle and inspect what you’re buying personally or do you trust online sales to include all the necessary photos and information to enable you to make a decision? It is similar in this way to online auctions. You rely on the company selling to provide accurate and complete descriptions.

Many large retailers sell online only, such as Overstock and Wayfair. Selling new items with warranties or return policies can offer security. Online estate sales will usually be used items and the return policy will depend on the estate sale company. Determining whether to buy at an on site estate sale or online estate sale really depends on your comfort zone.

Online estate sales give you nation wide access to items for sale. Shopping only on site may limit your purchasing area. follows our hottest topics through Google. The hot topic recently has been online estate sales.

Deciding where you shop and how is a decision each purchaser must make. would like to hear from you which way you like to shop estate sales. To contribute to our survey please write to The results we obtain will not contain names and you will not be responded to or have your email sold. All information we receive is kept confidential. We look forward to learning which way of shopping works for you.