Why An Estate Sale Company Cancels Estate Sale!

Why an estate sale company cancels estate sale?

Sellers, these are reasons you need to know and understand.

A seller hires an estate sale company after performing their due diligence.  You should have chosen a professional company that you can place your trust and confidence in.

Today, many sellers fail to have this confidence and trust in their estate sale company. Why did you hire them? Did you check their references, how they research and price items and what security they have.

Showing up the day or night before an estate sale to “check” how the estate sale company did is inappropriate and may have the result of an estate sale company cancelling the sale.

An estate sale company is working for your best interest. If you have chosen the company following the guidelines for hiring an estate sale company let them do their job for you.

When a seller displays distrust in an estate sale company before the sale starts this causes a concern to the estate liquidator.

Checking prices established by the estate sale company is in appropriate. If you are concerned about pricing this should be discussed before signing the estate sale contract. Have an item you have a bottom line price on. Speak with the estate sale company before signing their contract.

An estate sale company cannot work for mistrusting sellers.

Estate sale companies do not want to be second guessed or have a seller concerned about their honesty. Sellers that are concerned should have talked with previous estate sale company clients and then made a knowledgeable decision. The day before the sale is not the time.

Estate sale companies usually have a clause in their contract that allows them to withdraw from conducting the estate sale. It could be anything from removal of items advertised to interference from micro managing sellers.

Before you sign that estate sale contract satisfy yourself that you have hired a good estate sale company that you can trust. Then let them be the professionals they are and work for you.