Estate Sales Versus Overstock And Wayfair

Why buy at estate sales? With Overstock and Wayfair and the ability to order on line they offer the convenience of shopping from your couch. However, nothing compares to hands on.

Buying at an estate sale allows you to thoroughly look over the items you wish to purchase. It also allows you to measure for fit or size.

Kitchenware, dishes, glasses, and linens are available at most estate liquidations.

When you buy at an estate sale you take the item home that day in most cases. You also do not have the opportunity to return items, as sales are final. The ability to look over your purchases closely before buying does allow you to avoid regret later.

Garden tools, yard maintenance equipment, even potted plants can be purchased at estate sales.

Looking for a boat or a car. Check out the estate sale advertising listing websites for the number of cars, newer, used, and classic available for sale.

Searching  for jewelry? Estate sales offer gold, silver and costume jewelry. Many are designer pieces.

Clothing, shoes, accessories, and vintage items are readily available at most estate sales.

So many baby boomers are downsizing that many estate sales include almost new or lightly used furniture such as leather sofas and chairs.

If you are on a budget shopping at an estate sale may be your best option. Today most estate sale companies accept credit cards for payment. You may need a truck or van and help to move your purchase or ask the estate sale company if they deliver.

You can also find estate sales on line and most include photos providing you with what will be for sale.

Estate sales offer opportunities and advantages that Overstock and Wayfair can’t, except for a warranty. Choosing to spread your spending power is an estate sale advantage.