Reporting About Estate Sales – Quote Multiple Sources

Editorial, Carol Madden, Owner, Publisher,

Recently a reporter, Paul Sullivan of the New York Times wrote an article in wealth matters “It Pays To Be Wary When Hiring An Estate Sale Agent”.

This article was circulated on several internet sources about a family in Chicago, IL looking to sell the contents of the parents home in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

The article begins with the names of the individuals (the Davis Family) and their first hand experience with the dark side of estate sales, and includes this quoted “the fixture of weekend life in affluent suburban towns around the country”.

Your editor, as a former liquidator for 20 plus years in the estate sale industry can say without contradiction that estate sales take place in towns (affluent or not) in villages, and even the countryside all over America.

The article explains the problems encountered by the Davis family, however, it does not explain why only two sources quoted were chosen.

An article like this requires information and commentary from many sources, Particularly if you are writing about what you perceive as the worst side of an industry.

One source is Julie Hall who is the owner and director of the American Society of Estate Liquidators (which is highlighted with a link to her website). Ms. Hall is a former liquidator and offers education and membership to estate sale companies, at a price.

There are other associations and groups who do the same, however, Ms. Hall was the only source in this area questioned.

EstateSales.Net is an advertising listing website for estate sales that estate sale companies pay to advertise their businesses and sales on. CEO of EstateSales.Net Micky McQuade, was quoted along with a highlighted link to their website about hiring estate sale companies and how his company handles problem companies. EstateSales.Net is the largest of the three estate sale advertising websites, however, to our knowledge no one at EstateSales.Net has conducted any estate sales that we are aware of. is unaware of any estate sale advertising listing websites with estate liquidation experience.

We would like to hear from any estate sale advertising company that has experience in conducting estate sales.

If you are going to publish an article of this type we believe several sources should have been contacted and not just two. The ASEL. and Julie Hall have been recommended by EstateSales.Net to perspective estate sale companies for education and members. Julie Hall and the ASEL has spoken and been a sponsor at three of their previous conferences. views this article as helpful, it is also questionable without the input of other sources being quoted in the article. Especially when the article includes highlighted links in the article to the two sources quoted and their websites. Was this a PR peace? We don’t know. Who provided the reporter with the information? Was it the family?

We do know that new educational groups and membership associations are coming on line. Again, these groups require payment to belong to or use their educational tools. is very concerned with the estate sale industry and sellers, buyers and estate sale companies. We do offer advice, but based on years of experience in the estate liquidation business. It is our only goal. To be a resource for all.

Many different businesses have issues with companies too, but a black eye for the industry as a whole should receive careful consideration before a headline like this article had. It also has nothing to do with being affluent communities. It is important to remember that the majority of people in the estate sale industry are honest hard working people. They are just as offended by the inappropriate action of other estate liquidators.

Presenting the opinions of multiple businesses and associations is a good practice. “Be wary of an article that features only two sources”. Fairness to the estate sale industry is a requirement for all those looking for advice, help, or just information.