Where Does Estate Sale Experience Come From?

Time to ask the question where does estate sale experience come from?

More organizations, associations and societies are entering the estate sale field.

The question arises, where do they get their expertise in the estate sale field from? Some of the owners of estate sale companies are members of appraisal organizations such as ISA, CAGA or ASA. They have completed courses of study by these associations. Have met their requirements including experience, years in the business and a code of ethics and professional conduct they adhere to.

Many estate liquidators started out as helpers or apprenticed at estate sales. A great way to acquire knowledge about personal property, antiques, and art.

Others have taken courses such as the Fine Art course offered by NYU.

Each of these estate sale associations, societies and organizations has written their own code of ethics. There isn’t a national code of ethics or a state code of ethics.

Hiring an estate sale company consider what is important to you. Your code of ethics. When you interview the estate sale companies ask them about theirs. Speak to past clients. We continue emphasizing this is part of your due diligence.

Any estate sale company can have membership in an organization, but their ethics based on experience is priceless. Don’t forget to Google for reviews on each company and consider thoughtfully whether they are real concerns or just unhappy people.

Don’t rely on the membership in an organization. Rely on your own investigation, knowledge, and how you feel the estate sale company presented itself.

Experience as an estate liquidator is learned through apprenticeship, education, and hard work.

Belonging to an organization is a good thing, but it is not a guarantee.

None of the estate sale organizations has the legal authority to do anything to an estate liquidator that fails to pay or under performs. All they can do is remove them from their roster.

When you are ready to look for an estate sale company, be sure to read their “about” section on their website. Learn about the company, the owners and the staff. Consider what is written.

Be informed consumers about how estate sale owners and companies got their experience.

EstateSalesNews.com has a tab at the top of our front page to help you along with a printable list of questions and considerations. We are not affiliated with any group. We are simply here to help you the consumer at no charge or obligation.