Support The US Economy And Buy American At Estate Sales

Support the US economy and buy at American estate sales. These sales are run by American small businesses. Their staffs as well as the liquidators spend their dollars here in America. Although many household items may have been made overseas, buying it from estate sale companies supports our small business owners and the people that work for them.

Several articles have been published lately about estate sales and all the items the reporters have said are selling. These articles are based on interviews with a few liquidators and a few auction companies.

With 15,000 plus estate sale companies across the United States and more companies forming everyday, the interviews of a few do not speak to the majority.

Yes, there may be some areas where estate liquidations aren’t producing the results hoped for, but there could be several reasons for this, including the number of estate sale companies in the area.

We encourage estate sale companies to remind their buyers to buy American. After the recent election where millions of Americans wanted jobs brought back to the United States here is your opportunity.

Even better is that most American made goods are better quality. So many factors to be considered.

Perhaps the major reasons are supporting our economy, saving $$$$ and keeping our planet green by recycling instead of filling a landfill.

Ikea and others may sell brand new items, but you aren’t supporting the American economy. Only the managers and sales people. Many of the profits are sent overseas.

Younger Americans should be encouraged to look at quality, endurance, repurposing possibilities, and keeping their extra dollars for vacations, educating their children and other reasons.

Articles such as the one in Forbes and even the one on portray only a tiny fraction of the estate liquidation business. The location of estate sales, experience of some liquidators and the slant of some reports do not adequately reflect the estate liquidation business. encourages you to go out, shop estate sales, and support your economy while saving dollars.