Labor Day Weekend And The Flooding In Houston

by Carol Madden,

Labor Day weekend is usually a time we spend relaxing from our labors and enjoying friends and family.

This will not be the case for thousands of National Guard troops, first responders, emergency medical personnel, police, and an endless list of volunteers working to rescue and sustain those in Houston and the southeast part of Texas.

With record breaking flooding these men and women will be laboring far more than usual. Their job, to try and save as many lives as possible and provide support to those left devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Support will be needed financially, food and water, utilities, clothing and of great importance, emotional care.

This weekend we hope you take some time to labor either writing a check, helping to provide food and clothing to send south, or just using social media to let those in Texas know that we are there for them.

A hamburger or hot dog would be a treat to those who can no longer cook them on their grills because they are gone. We should not forget them as we celebrate this weekend.

Let us labor each in our own way to help those who have lost so much and for those who are giving their labor, time, strength and even their life to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.