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Carol Madden 2015Welcome to EstateSalesNews.com. I’m Carol Madden, the editor.

This website was created to provide an online searchable resource for information, news and national blog about the estate sales business and help the public become informed consumers and assist estate sale companies. We will be covering estate sales and tag sales news nationally. Every state has different regulations and practices as do estate sales companies.

I spent 20 plus years in the estate sales business in New Jersey.

It started when I began my own antiques business in early 1987 and I started getting calls from family heirs and attorneys wanting to know if I purchased the entire contents of estates. This was not something I could do, however, as an antiques dealer constantly looking for merchandise I attended many estate sales. I decided that this might be a good addition to my antiques business and so I started conducting professional estate sales (or as some refer to them tag sales or house sales). My experience with the antiques business as well as promoting some local antique shows helped me with needed marketing knowledge. I had the opportunity to assist in the early days of my business at other estate sales, and by attending other sales gained experience and knowledge through observation as well.

In the 1990s I took some classes presented by NYU through their Fine Arts program.

I obtained a Florida Auctioneers license in 2006. The auctioneer course dealt with personal property and liquidation through the auction process.

In 2007 I decided it was time to take my estate sales business to the Internet. I had help along the way from individuals who had been in the trade longer than I had and the business grew and prospered. Although I retired from the day to day running of estate sales in 2011 I soon decided to renew my involvement with the estate liquidation field which I know and love with this website.

In the last two years I have traveled across the country many times visiting estate sale companies and reporting on news worthy estate sales and I am also a national speaker on estate sales including speaking at the 2014 Estate Sales Conference in Memphis, TN.

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