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Estate Sale Company Websites – What Is Needed And Why

Estate Sales NewsThere are 1000’s of estate sale company websites on the internet today. Knowing what to look for should help you in your choice for an estate liquidator.

Having a website is very important. It keeps the estate sale liquidators name in front of the public looking for an estate sale or event company and also buyers looking for estate sales in their communities.

Websites for estate sale companies can be very simple or very complex, but what is important is what their content is, whether they have search engine optimization, and if they are kept current.

There are some liquidators that have only 3 pages or so to their website, however, the pages of their website state what services they offer, how they go about it, their experience, and often times testimonials from recent previous clients. Some estate sale websites also offer a blog for their followers to read.

One thing to try and avoid is having a wordy website. Keeping it informative and the content relevant without trying to use the entire dictionary is usually the best. The purpose is to keep a sellers’ or buyers’ attention and give them the basics to decide whether to pursue your company further.

Some estate liquidators have what we call upscale websites. They can contain multiple pages and photos and in some cases to may white spaces with many words, but not necessarily pertinent information.

A few of the problems that occur with estate sale company websites is lack of functionality. Unless a website specifically states it is under construction or reconstruction it is very important that any features or icons on a website work. If a website shows a T,P, or F icon (Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook) when you click on it should link with the social media shown. A website should contain information and wording that causes search engines to notice it and bring it onto the front page of the search engine. Google for example uses what is called bots and if the correct meta tags are in place and the wording on the page corresponds that should attract the bots. This is an extremely simplistic way of explaining a more complicated process known as SEO (search engine optimization). Very important for attracting perspective estate sellers and buyers. If your website is not optimized you may not have much internet presence except on listing sites along with your competition.

Another problem is the lack of updating that is done by some estate liquidators. Once they have a website created, they do not continue updating it. Seeing the same information that may have been written months before doesn’t promote the companys’ attentiveness and may cause a seller to wonder what kind of attention they will give your sale.

A good website is a marketing tool and showcases an estate liquidators’ ability to not only market their company, but also their estate sales.

Websites should stand out on the first page of a search engine. Just as listing websites are on page one, your company should be also. You want to be in front of your competition, not along side them. It is the best way to attract sellers and buyers. Using all forms of advertising including listing sites is very important, but showcasing your estate sale company is important too.

Pay attention to the details of your website. If you aren’t happy with it find a company that will get you the internet presence you need and that sellers and buyers are looking for.

Good websites are a financial investment in a successful future.

Estate Sales News Is On It’s Way to Los Angeles

crown-city-ad-260x260We are flying today to meet with Crown City Estate Sales today. They have many years of experience in the estate liquidation business and we are going to interview them about their success over the years.


It’s hump day for many people so happy Wednesday, we will be flying back east tomorrow.

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Estate Sales Near Memorial Day Weekend – Estate Sales News Is Looking For You

Many estate sale companies have clients that need to have their personal property sold before the end of May and that only leaves this three day weekend of Memorial Day. Three day holiday weekends always present challenges for estate liquidators, however, many innovative progressive thinking companies have taken the challenge on with gusto.

Instead of holding the estate sale on Friday, Saturday, and if need be Sunday they are using Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

They have their social media outlets active, ads in place and their websites optimized.

There are others who are still following traditional weekend days.

Estate Sales News is interested in finding two unique outstanding sales between June 15 and July 31. If you are an estate sale company located within the 48 lower states, please contact us. We would like to see some photos and receive some information about the sale.  If it’s news worthy, Estate Sales News will come see you ahead of the sale to showcase you and your sale right here on the Front Page. Please contact

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Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL – Why Search Engines Are Important For Estate Sales

Logo_Google_2013_Official.svgMost of the world knows about the biggest search engine on the Internet, Google. Other large search engines include Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Why are they important to estate sale liquidators and estate sale sellers?

Whatever topic a seller or buyer wants to look for they are typing it into one of those search engines.

Each of these search engines can list 100’s or 1000’s of pages for the researched topic. The problem is that very few people go past page one of any of these search engine results which is why your estate sale or estate sale company needs to be found on page one.

Without getting to technical unless you have paid any of these search engines to be at the top of the page or listed along the right side your estate sale company needs someone with SEO (search engine optimization) experience. They will know what key words (search terms) and meta tags or headspace (words and descriptions used in searching depending on the website platform being used) to use, however, as an estate liquidator you should know how your competition is found and inform your internet tech so they can make sure you are competitive. A suggestion would be to type into Google your competition’s name or names and see what shows up.

Sellers, you’re asking why is this important to me? Well for a several reasons, not the least is that if your estate sale company is not found you are relying on the estate sale listing site to promote your sale, however, buyers are also finding any other sales in your area (your competition). If your estate sale company shows up on the front page of a search engine that represents an opportunity for your sale to stand apart from all the others. Your estate sale should be on both an estate listing site and an estate sale liquidator website along with all the social media we have previously mentioned.

When you find an estate sale company who relies solely on an estate sale listing site your not only among the multitude of sales listed, but utilizing any social media connections they have without any direct connections to your estate sale company’s website and that sends buyers and sellers back to the listing site rather than to an estate liquidator company’s website.

Google is the largest search engine. utilizes Google to advertise us, but so do all the top estate sale listing websites, EstateSales.NET,, to mention a few. Bing, Yahoo, and AOL also have paid advertising available.

If your company can’t afford to pay for these search engine ads, then having a knowledgeable internet tech to provide your website with social media links and space for your sale to stand alone is a key to your success.

Estate Sales News is here to provide needed information and resources for perspective estate sale sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies.

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Looking For An Estate Sale Company?

MP900430877The estate sale business has grown and like trees has sprouted many limbs and branches. Here is a look of what has blossomed from this rapidly growing industry and it’s effects.

Estate sale listing sites was probably the first limb to sprout. What started out as one company, EstateSales.Net, now numbers several including,, EstateSales, and There are some listing websites that cover garage and yard sales based on the concept of the estate sale listing sites, but they are covering very different types of sales and events. The estate sale listing websites garner buyers for the estate sale liquidators that pay to advertise on them as well as offer these companies an opportunity for national exposure and you can compare the profusion of estate sale liquidators listed on these sites. They are a one stop shop for finding who is in the estate liquidation and in many cases auction business (smaller auction companies and on-line auction companies) and they provide an opportunity to compare them en masse. As an example EstateSales.Net has over 5,000 companies listed. Just take a look at such areas as Chicago, Los Angeles, northern New Jersey, Orlando, Detroit, and Dallas to name a few.

Other companies that have emerged from this industry growth is estate liquidation associations. We have the largest one advertising here on Estate Sales News, the American Society of Estate Liquidators. They offer training and certification for those interested in pursuing careers in estate liquidations.

You will also find companies that provide training for working with seniors and people downsizing. Certified Relocation Specialists  (CRTS) is also advertising on Estate Sales News, however, other companies include Caring Transitions which has also become an estate sale company national franchiser and online auction source is among the growing number targeting the senior market. There is also the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Estate sales have now even earned a place on Wikipedia, DIY, and How Stuff Works.

Even was started from the growing business of estate liquidation.

In today’s growing estate sale business utilizing all the resources at your disposal is very important.

Standing out from the crowd is important. Successful estate sale companies have their own identity.

A successful company should have their own website which links to their own Facebook and Twitter page and we highly suggest they have their own Pinterest Page for showcasing their merchandise for sales and videos,  a YouTube channel and google+ and we believe a blog page is also important to attract buyers, sellers, and very importantly Google.

When you are looking for an estate liquidator along with experience in estate liquidation, knowledge of various types of merchandise, and an outstanding reputation for honesty and reliability look for those that also have excellent marketing skills to stand out above the growing numbers. Their ability to use their marketing expertise for your sale is very important for your financial bottom line.

May Estate Sales – Holidays, Special Events – What Sellers Need To Know

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May is in full bloom with estate sales dotting the landscape across the United States.

It is also a month filled with more special events than most think of. First Communion, Mother’s Day, college graduations, high school graduations and last, but not least Memorial Day weekend.

Perspective estate sale sellers should be aware of this and should be asking the estate sale companies they are interviewing how they plan to advertise their sale if they are hired.

This isn’t just about putting a sale on an estate sale listing site or in a newspaper, this concerns grabbing the attention of a public that is focused on a variety of events, gets their attention and holds that sale in their minds until the estate sale or event takes place.

Estate sale listing sites require you to go to the site and then once you are their you have many sales to look at. Bringing the focus to your particular sale requires a lot of social media marketing. Tweeting about your progress staging the sale and what you find on a twice weekly basis (minimum), show casing special items of interest on the companies business Facebook page and if they don’t have one ask them why – it is seen by millions, create a Pinterest board for the sale. The company should have a link on their website to each of these pages – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They should also have a professional LinkedIn page and don’t forget Google+ and reddit and one other very important advertising function – a company blog.

Estate Sales News has been consulting with some estate sale companies to provide ideas and advertising suggestions.

June is a busy month as well, but that doesn’t mean that sales will fail, only that estate sale companies have to work harder with their advertising to achieve financial success for you and them.

We would encourage perspective sellers to ask the estate sale companies they are working with about SEO work. That term stands for search engine optimization. It’s how they are found on the internet using Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others. We’ll be discussing this further in an upcoming article.


Estate Sales In May Face Many Obstacles That Can Be Overcome

Clearing hurdlesMay is one of the busiest months of the year socially. Estate sale liquidators need to be on the top of their game in order to cross over the hurdles and navigate the various events that take place. Let’s take a quick review of the events of May.

The first weekend of the month is First Communion for thousands and the beginning of an entire month of college graduations. Mother’s Day comes along the second Sunday of the month and families tend to gather together for a celebratory weekend about Moms and Grandmas. As May progresses high school graduations begin in many parts of the United States along with colleges and then finally as we head into the last of May, Memorial Day celebrated on the last Monday of the month to honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces has also become the unofficial first weekend of summer holidays. May truly has social events happening every weekend for someone somewhere, more so than many other months.

What can be done to overcome all of this while the estate sale season is in full swing?

Estate sale companies should start with getting estate sales or events out in the public forum early. List them as soon as possible on estate sale listing sites. Try to include at least a few staged photographs to attract the attention of those looking. (Whenever you post your initial sale photos declutter if necessary and stage the photos to show case what it is you want the public to see first).

Estate liquidators should also get them up on their website immediately and hopefully with a slideshow or short video. (An estate liquidators website is very important to maintain an internet presence and to keep their name in the public.)  Again the items shown should be staged. Every care needs to be taken to provide potential buyers with a reason why their sale should be first on the list.

Social media is next. Make sure you have a business Facebook page, a Twitter account, google+, reddit, YouTube and a business Linkedin account. All of these pages should connect to the estate sale company’s website. The estate sale business requires not just the physical labor of the staging and conducting of the sale, but the media skills to keep the buying public informed and excited about their sales.

The last concern for advertising is newspapers and that usually takes place a few days before the sale.

It is now time to consider how you advertise. For Mother’s day suggest items in your estate sales at least two to three weeks a head that would make special or unique gifts (many sales offer jewelry, collectible glass and china and other items that the special women in your life may enjoy). Gifts for college or high school graduates can include items they will need to take to college (a TV, linens, etc) and for those joining the job market what they may need to set-up their own apartment or room, i.e. furniture, kitchenware, lighting etc.

Planning ahead and preparing for months where social functions will conflict with estate sales distinguishes the experienced liquidator from others. A seasoned professional estate liquidator is like an athlete that has trained and learned what enables them to win even in a tough race.

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Estate Sale Or Event – Depends On The Estate Sale Company

More and more estate sale companies are calling their estate sales events.

One reason may be that an event can be a tag or moving sale as opposed to the term estate (formerly used for deceased individuals only).

As the estate or moving liquidation business has blossomed the word estate has become a general purpose term.  Some companies are even utilizing living estate to indicate the owner(s) still alive.

Calling a sale an event can attract some buyers because it gives a more dramatic description than an estate sale, however, some prefer an estate sale because it sounds like older items that now have to be sold. Either description is acceptable and usable.

Back in 1987 when the editor started her liquidation business we had house sales and estate sales. The term house meant someone was still living. That term and others  isn’t used as frequently with the advent of listing websites for estate sales. i.e. EstateSales.Net, and to mention just three. One generic term for the liquidation of mostly personal property.

One important item to consider is using the term over and over in all forms of advertising to be consistent and attract the bots from the various search engines. They play a large part in attracting buyers and sellers to websites and that affects your financial bottom line either selling or buying.

Good Friday And Easter Weekend The Effect On Estate Sales

With millions of people across the country observing Good Friday today and Easter on Sunday, many estate sale companies are not conducting any sales this weekend.

Monday we’ll be reporting on a newsworthy sale that will be taking place in Englewood, Fl. next weekend.

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Estate Sales News wishes our readers a weekend of joy and family.