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Estate Sale Websites – What You Need To Succeed

typewriter logoEstate Sales News reviews websites for estate sale companies from all over the country. There are some excellent ones and some that are quite poor. For a an estate sale seller the website of the estate liquidator you hire is very important.

An uncluttered website is paramount. Information should be easy to see and read. The front page of the website should be attractive without being distracting from the information featured. It should also let sellers and buyers know what type of sales you conduct. If you deal strictly in high end liquidations let that be the focus of the graphics or photos used. If you work with a variety of sales in different price ranges be sure that is visible. Not everyone reads word for word on a website.

Try to keep your wording focused and to the point. Too many words can have clients and customers give up because of the time required to read. Remember that what is said on your front page is often what the search engines continually review. Google looks for keywords. Be sure your website keeps that theme.

If you have links appearing on your front page make sure they really link to something.

A website speaks about an estate sale company before any phone calls are placed. Remember to look for the basics. You can refer back to our archives for estate sale basics.

Some very successful estate liquidation companies have informative websites without a lot of frills. Whatever they have on their main page should either motivate you to read on or cause you to look elsewhere.

The estate liquidator website will be visited by sellers, buyers, search engines, and used as a prime source of advertising. Pay close attention to the websites you review to make wise decisions. As always it’s your financial bottom line that will be involved as a seller.


Advertise On Estate Sales News For A Broader Audience & Stand Out

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Advertising Estate Sales On Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

facebook-logotwitter logoPinterest logoSocial Media has become a big part of advertising estate sales. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, have become sources for buyers to go to. Whether they are looking for an estate liquidation or tag sale, buyers like to network with estate sales companies, other estate sale buyers, how an estate liquidator handles sales, what merchandise is being sold, how a company prices, what kind of payment a personal property liquidation company accepts etc.

A Facebook page for an estate sale company can provide information about an estate sale to hundreds or thousands of people that are using Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page

Twitter will allow the estate sales company to tweet (short sentences if you aren’t a Twitter person) from anywhere with a laptop or smart phone with anyone that is a Tweeter. Live tweets from the estate sale as they are conducted. Follow on Twitter.

Pinterest will let companies create pinboards for buyers that are members with images and videos of objects and hobby interests. You’ll find Estate Sales News there.

For estate sales companies that use these social media it is cost effective because a buyer can be a member of anyone of them for free.

Today having an internet presence that includes social media is beneficial to your financial bottom line as an estate sale client.

Keep up with the latest news in the world of estate sales.


Innovative Advertising For Estate Sale Companies

Estate Sales News had an opportunity last week to speak with Jackie Wise, co-owner of Crown City City Estate Sales that works in Los Angeles and southern CA. Your editor first met and interviewed Jackie at an estate sale in Reseda, CA in June 2013 where she was selling off the contents in a home of a man who had owned a lighting store on La Brea.  The video of the sale can be viewed in Estate Sales News archives for June 2013.

Jackie’s front page of her website is innovative, informative and friendly to perspective sellers. Along with company information and services, she has updated written testimonials including a photo of a handwritten one and a new twist that only some companies have used – a video interview with a past seller. It literally speaks to someone looking for information and an opinion about the job done by Crown City Estate Sales.

With Jackie’s permission we are featuring below as an example the current video on her front page from one of her sellers.

Many estate sale companies across the country are utilizing innovative ways to get their message out perspective clients in their communities. If you are an estate sale company and are using new and innovative ideas please let Estate Sales News know. We would like to hear from you and perhaps arrange to visit and interview you. You can contact us at


Promoting An Estate Sale Company And Estate Sales

In today’s technology driven world there are so many ways to promote estate sales and estate sale companies.

There are several estate sale listing sites, EstateSales.NET,, to name the three major sites with EstateSales.NET being the largest and oldest.

There are online news papers such as covering many communities across the country.

Social Media is a huge outlet with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Merchant Circle, and YouTube leading the way.

Print media, newspapers are still in use in most areas.

Most, not all estate liquidation companies have their own website.

Many estate sale companies are utilizing Google AdWords to boost their Internet visibility. Those companies that are set against a light pink background at the top of the Google page and the text ads along the right hand side of the Google page are paid for ads.

There are some estate sale companies that are utilizing new ways of showcasing their business on the front page of their websites and we are in California this week to interview one.




Estate Sale Friday And Super Bowl Weekend

football score boardThe last Friday in January and hundreds of estate sales begin today. Many estate sale companies are concerned about the impact of Super Bowl weekend.

The Super Bowl doesn’t take place until Sunday. Yes, for many Americans it has become an all day party day, but for many other Americans the daytime part of Sunday will be like any other Sunday. There will be people attending church services, others grocery shopping, catching up on something as simple as laundry and for those that attend estate sales if there is a sale in their area they will attend. Sunday estate sales tend to open a little later in the morning and close a little earlier in the afternoon.

If you are conducting an estate sale this weekend this was an opportunity to utilize the “keyword” Super Bowl in your newspaper, internet, and social media advertising. Keywords especially on the internet attract search engines. For example an internet ad could say “watch the Super Bowl on the 42 inch flat screen TV that you can buy at our estate sale Friday”.

Being innovative when competing for attention whether it is a big event, competitor, or weather is key for the professional liquidator.



When Posting Estate Sale Photos, Descriptions Should Match

digital cameraEstate Sales News searches the internet daily for interesting, unique, or news worthy estate sales.

The frustrating part of the search is when keywords are used in the description and  upon review of the sale photos there isn’t any photo posted which matches the keyword.

Getting the attention of buyers is very important, however, if they perform a search function only to discover there isn’t a photo of what was in the keyword description that can be the end of their interest. They never even make it to the front door of the sale.

Many of the estate sale listing sites have increased the number of photos a company can now post, however, if you are advertising antique jewelry for instance and yet out of 30-100 photos not one includes any photos of the jewelry, that discourages the searcher from persuing the sale. This is true of any of the items listed out in detail in the description.  If you are going to focus on it in the description as a keyword make sure you have a photo that demonstrates what is in the sale.

Competition for buyers at estate sales is more demanding today then prior to the use of the internet for advertising, however, listing out items to bring the sale up in the search function mode without photos of the items listed  just ads to the frustration and can lead to disappointing sale results. Not every item can be photographed, however, using the item description for search purposes without a photo can be discouraging.

Sales with large volumes of merchandise cannot photograph everything so it is often better to mention with a caveat that there are items included in the keyword description that are not pictured. At least the potential buyers will not become frustrated. A perspective buyer who has successfully researched a liquidation almost always shows up at the estate sale. The buyer may decide not to buy, but if they don’t show up, it’s money lost from the seller and the estate sale company.


Estate Sales Information – Keep It Short & Informative

To educateArticles, blogs or features should be short and yet informative. The who, what, when, where, and why should be answered and hold the readers attention.

This applies to advertisements in newspapers, estate sale listing sites, and brochures.

Keeping to the topic at hand and staying focused are key to keeping the interest of a seller or buyer.

When advertising on the internet provide the facts. For estate sale companies elongating the description of the sale without substantive content can cause buyers to pursue other sales with more concise information.

Estate Sales News is your resource for estate sale tips, information, news, and help and we always welcome your questions and feedback. Email us at

Reddit – The Newest Hot Social Media Spot. Are You On It?

Reddit LogoEstate Sales News continues to encourage estate sale companies to utilize every free means available to them to let the public know about them, their sales, and what they have to offer.

Here at ESN we are now on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and our newest outlet is Reddit.

Reddit is a social media site without a lot of frills and acts as a message board. It receives billions of  visits monthly. NBC Nightly News recently featured a piece that they got off of Reddit.

With so many social media outlets available for free the marketing possibilities are endless. You have the chance to reach thousands of people and tell them about your company and your estate sales.

If you are a seller be sure to ask any estate sale company you are interviewing what social media they use and how they use it. Knowledge empowers you to make wise financial decisions. Remember commission is one of the last concerns. How they will market your sale and how many people know about them and/or follow them represents dollars to all parties.

Click here to visit Reddit

Check Out Pinterest For Interesting Ideas From Estate Sales

Pinterest logoEstate Sales News has several boards on Pinterest for you to peruse.

More and more estate sale companies are using Pinterest to create interest in past, current, and future estate sales. Being able to create a “board” for your liquidation sale enables buyers to view not only what you have for sale, but items you have sold in the past. This is good advertising to show to perspective sellers.

Estate Sales News has boards from estate sales, for holidays, collectibles, the upcoming 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis, TN and we will be adding more boards in the future. We welcome your interest. It is just one of the many social media outlets we use to reach you our audience.

Keeping you informed we will be taking some time off to celebrate Christmas with our family starting Dec. 25th. We will return to new Estate Sales News articles starting on January 2nd. As always our archives are available 7 days a week 24 hrs. a day. Just use our search area.

We will on occasion be tweeting and using Facebook during that time period and if you have news for us, a news worthy sale we should know about, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.