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Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Connect With Success

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Estate Sales News utilizes all of these various social media networks, however, we want to bring to your attention that with the weather conditions currently effecting most of the country these can also help you get the word out about your estate sale this weekend.

We have been looking a many estate sales that are being postponed for either a day or until another weekend. Keeping your staff and buyers safe is very important.

If you use newspaper advertising it is nearly impossible to get the word out this morning unless you did it yesterday, but social media is immediate.

For those that are not familiar with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) it allows you to offer your clients frequently updated blog or article information. Estate Sales News offers this for anyone at no cost. If you are an estate sale company we will also provide you with a typewriter logo for your audience to click on. Several estate liquidators currently subscribe to our RSS feed.

It is estate sale Friday, however, unless you are in an area where weather is not a hazard check with the estate sale company and more importantly check on the local road conditions and stay safe.

Estate Sales On Black Friday And Thanksgiving Weekend – Advertising Is Key

ShoppingEstate Sales News is publishing today, Sunday, because with Thanksgiving Thursday this week it is very important if you are running an estate sale on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and the weekend that you have good marketing in place to compete with the big stores, Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, JC Penny, etc. It would appear that there will be 1000 plus estate sales starting on Friday, November 29th.

The big retailers have been sending out flyers in the mail and advertising on television and radio for weeks. Most estate sale companies cannot compete with that, however, there are ways to attract buyers.

If you are on Pinterest, have you created a board about your sale this week? Featured some items that will be better buys than what the retailers will offer. Have you been posting and updating your Facebook business page (and if you don’t have one you should). Today social media is the place where estate sale liquidators can get ahead of their competition. Sending out tweets on Twitter on a regular basis about some of the good buys and great items you have that would make wonderful gifts. This is a great time to encourage people attending your sales to follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook as well.

It’s also a great time to be advertising that if you are not required to collect sales tax that buying gifts at your sale is “tax free”.

If you happen to do videos and have YouTube on your website a short video might also be a good way to get the word out.

Any way you look at it although you have competition on Thanksgiving weekend, by using your marketing skills and knowledge you can make it a win win for you and your seller.

Estate Sale Advertising – For Companies and Sellers – Not So Simple Anymore!

The Internet changes daily. Google’s algorithms change every few months. The largest search engine in the world! Not to mention others like Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and hundreds of others.

Next are websites. Are they flat or constructed in such a way that they are multi-functional? Can they show slide shows, video, blogs? Do they get changed or are they left month after month with no updates.

Today’s estate sale world is completely different than it was ten years ago. Back then we didn’t have estate sale networks or listing sites. Most estate sale companies didn’t even have a website. All the estate sale company or liquidator had was newspapers. community or otherwise.

Now we have Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, RSS feeds, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle, Manta, and so many more sites to connect to and with.

To be blunt, the game has changed. You need to know how to sell, what you have, how much it’s worth, and how to reach the maximum market. It use to be only your own personal email or Constant Contact. Now advertising way exceeds that.

Success, because of the huge number of estate sale companies currently out there and conducting five times the sales of ten years ago, depends on your knowledge of product, out reach to buyers, and marketing and it now requires estate sale companies to keep a tight control on their expenses while getting the maximum dollar for sellers at the sale. It’s not for amateurs! Estate liquidations is for professionals and when you are interviewing a company ask them about their marketing abilities. Do they tweet, are they showcasing on Pinterest, do they blog, etc. If they don’t or can’t answer your questions, perhaps others can and you should consider other estate sale companies.

Your $$$ and success are at stake. Before you make a decision based on commission or fee ask questions. There is far more to estate sales than just what a company charges. Know before you go is an accurate cliche.


Estate Sale Blogging

BlogThere are hundreds of websites on the Internet today blogging about estate sales. Many are blogs written by an estate sale company. Blogs should be informative and for a liquidator it is another way of advertising their business. The orange square in the upper right corner of our page next to the green button indicates blog (it provides an RSS feed for companies to follow

It is important when blogging to keep the interest of the reader and give them information. Blogging against another estate sale competitor is not a good standard and if you are considering a company that practices this you may want to reconsider. An estate sale company should acquire your business through what they have to offer and the way the present themselves. Negativity against other companies may not serve them well.

Whether the blog permits comments is up to the blogger. Many websites with blogs that allow comments allow the owner/blogger to review the comments before they allow them to post. As with many business areas today spam is a problem so being able to review comments ahead of posting is a wise idea.

Blogging by an estate sale liquidator also allows them to bring forth news worthy information, trends, and business practices.

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Using Social Media Advertising for Estate Sales

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest is a growing means of reaching potential buyers and sellers in the estate liquidation business. The great news for buyers, sellers and estate sale companies is they are all free in basic form. Only if they want to pay to endorse will it cost them anything more than time. When looking for estate liquidators check out if they are utilizing social media. When you interview them if you don’t see anything you may want to ask why.

facebook-logoFacebook allows you to post your upcoming estate sales and discuss what is in them. It offers an opportunity to post a picture or two of the sale items or the estate company logo. It can be sent to a limited number of people or the public at large. Most estate sale companies have a Facebook logo to click thru on the front page of their website. You’ll find one on our front page too.

twitter logoTwitter gives you 140 characters to connect with friends, other businesses or followers and immediately let them know news. It is a very useful tool during an estate sale if you have a following allowing buyers to know about items of interest or second or third day discounts. You will usually find a blue bird on the front page of the website like the one on the top right of ours.

Pinterest logoPinterest allows you to make boards (internet based on their site) to show off individual sales and items for sale. It is also a good place to let perspective sellers see what you have sold or worked with the in the past. Look for the big red P.

 You’ll also find estate sale listing sites using social media as well. EstateSales.Net, and

Estate Sale Companies – Keeping up with trends, news, and competition

Estate Sales News has written in the past about keeping websites fresh, but there is more to be considered.

Keeping up on what’s happening in the estate liquidation business is important too. New websites appear on the Internet every day with new competitors. An estate sale company needs to stay current not just on prices, and trends, but what their competition is doing. The reason is because every time another estate sale company emerges it cuts into their share of the pie (customer base) and that can effect the amount of sales made at a liquidation and also the prices realized at the sale.

Watching how estate sales companies market their sales and where they advertise is also important. Do they use print media as well as the internet. There are several sites available to them to list their estate sales on, i.e. EstateSales.Net, and being the most well widely recognized estate sale listing sites. Do they post photos on the Internet other than on their own website.

It is important to note that if a website is not well or fully optimized for search engines, particularly Google, the website may not be seen and the choice to not list photos on major websites that are visible to search engines can impede the results of the sale.

When you are interviewing estate sale companies, ask to see their advertising and list where they post their sales. Ideally an estate liquidator should use all sources available to them to reach a maximum audience. It’s in the seller’s best interest as well as the estate sale company’s best interest to obtain the largest audience possible for the best financial result for all parties.

Estate Sales and Holiday Weekends!

Estate Sales News keeps in contact with several estate sales companies across the country to keep a pulse on what the trends are, hot topics, new marketing being used and many other items. One topic that comes up right now because of the approaching weekend is conducting estate sales on holiday weekends.

With Labor Day next Monday, the question is what to do. Most estate sale companies I have spoken with are confident and comfortable running an estate sale over Labor Day weekend, however, it does depend on your area. 

In areas where people are having their last turn at the beach, many companies will wait a week. It is sometimes very difficult to get the attention of vacationers enjoying their final summer weekend. This can be seen up and down the east coast in some towns and cities.

It is not as much an issue on the west coast although it can be seen in a few areas.

The decision whether to conduct a sale on a holiday like Labor Day should be made in consultation with the estate sale company based on their prior experience in the town.

Almost all estate liquidation companies will not conduct estate sales over Christmas and Easter. They will, however, work sales on other religious holidays and during other religions observances. So much depends on the community.

One of the important questions to ask when interviewing an estate liquidator is what their preferences are and why.

Accurate Estate Sale Descriptions in Advertising – Bringing in the Buyers

advertisingToday on Estate Sales News we want to discuss advertising, but on the way they bring buyers to your estate sale.

Every day Estate Sales News reads through hundreds of descriptions of estate sales listed on multiple listing sites and we follow by up looking at photos of the estate sales to see if it is a newsworthy estate sale to get us on a plane, train, or in automobile to report to you in words and video on the estate sale.

Many estate sales companies use “key” words in descriptions, yet when you look at photos it becomes apparent that the “key” word was simply that. Thousands of vintage clothes with two photos that include some of the same clothing in the two photos doesn’t encourage buyers. It makes you wonder where the other hundreds of clothes are. You might not be able to include a photo of every piece of clothing, but if your description leads off or emphasizes that focus on it.

As a national resource for estate sales we want to encourage perspective sellers and estate liquidators to ensure that what is emphasized in the description of the sale is also in the photos posted. Buyers want to see what to expect at the sale. It stimulates their desire to buy.

Perspective sellers should ask to look at an estate sales company’s advertising before you make the final decision.


Choosing your estate sale company wisely is $$$ in your pocket

esate sales Estate Sales News continually reviews the websites listing estate sales and we have noticed that some estate sales companies stand out from others, not necessarily for all the right reasons so let’s take another look at what to look for with an estate liquidator.


  • Does the estate sale company have any bad reviews posted that were not responded to?
  • Does the estate sale company keep their website up to date and fresh or will you find sales from a month a go or more still listed. Even though a company is busy, their website, which is how you found them also attracts buyers. Stale websites bring into question what else may fall to the wayside?
  • How many estate sales can a company handle and if many who is actually running the sales? Does the estate sale company have oversight or just collect the commission due at the end. Who’s handling the money taken in at the sale especially if the owner or owners aren’t present. Questions to be asked on an interview. It is your money and this is business even in a sad time for a family.
  • What kind of staff does the company supply? Were they really experienced in estate liquidation or just unemployed individuals needing work or extra cash. Experience is necessary in order to provide knowledge and good customer service.
  • Does the estate sale company your interviewing sell to staff prior to the sale? That could seriously impact the dollars you might receive for the item. Be sure to ask. You’re paying them to work for you so hold them accountable.
  • One more thought is what happens when the sale is over? Clean up or out, pay out or settle up and would you recommend them to anyone else.

Estate Sales News is your resource for news and information.



Estate Sales advertising – where, when, who, and how – It’s your $$$

InternetPromoting an estate sale is one of the most important jobs an estate sale company can do. It will directly affect your financial bottom line.

To have an effective advertising campaign in most cases (some rural areas may be different) you will need internet coverage and print media coverage as well as an email list if not included with an advertiser.

There are several websites on the Internet that feature estate sales. The largest and oldest is, however, other websites that have come online include and Not all Internet websites, however, would be advantageous. Garage seller, Yard Seller, these websites are for their name sakes, not estate sales. Some companies use Craigslist, but this should not be the only site because most people look their for owner sales and only a few items.

Your Internet advertising should include a description of the sale, terms and conditions, dates and times, photos of the majority of the items for sale and a link to the estate sales companys’ website.

In our Internet driven market an estate sale company needs a website for a variety of reasons including marketing.

Print media is still an important way to advertise because it reinforces the internet advertising and reaches the people who have resisted computer technology. The estate sale network you list with should also provide anyone signed up with them an email of the upcoming sales. Many companies still have their own email list and that is a plus for a seller.

The other item not to be overlooked is either on a networks’ site or an estate sale companys’ site they need a map to assist buyers when the sale information is published usually one or two days before the start of the sale.

Marketing knowledge is so very important. The more people reached, the better the results.