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Halloween is 1 Week From Today – Estate Sales Can Be Great Sources For Costumes

zombie wedding dressEstate Sales can be more than just a place to collect Halloween decorations and collectibles. They can also be a great place to find everything from hats, shoes, clothes, and accessories to turn into costumes.

Funky to scary with some imagination you can turn anything into a costume. My daughter Tracey Cooper, bought a long white dress and with some paint and tears it now looks like a zombie wedding dress. She did the same thing with a dress white shirt for a man, pants,  and took an old tie and turned that into freaky looking been in the ground accessory. The pictures here are what she created with imagination at a low cost.

zombie shirtzombie pantsmans zombie outfit

Estate Sales And House Tear Downs – Good Source For Materials

Our thanks to diginColorado for sharing this video. If you are currently looking to remodel or retro your home you may want to check out the 4 sales on EstateSales.Net. You might also want to look at, or

Tear Downs occur all across the country and it can be an excellent source for doors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and many other things.

When Estate Sales News visited EstateSales.Net I had the opportunity to see the building dating from the 1800’s that Dan and Dot McQuade have renovated and restored. An article on that will be upcoming, however, it should be noted that Dan visited estate sales in several states over several years salvaging doors, cabinets, an old refrigerator and even a enamel 1920’s stove. There is no telling what you can do with some sweat equity and imagination.

Retro or Vintage Kitchens and Equipment is a Hot Trend – Shop for at Estate Sales

Vintage and retro kitchens are hot trends right now. We wanted to share with you this short informative and fun video on retro kitchens. As you read in this video estate sales are great ways to find vintage kitchen appliances and cabinets. What’s old is again new.

Our thanks to TheRetroKitchen for this video.

News worthy estate sales? chandeliers, celebrities, gemstones, pizza

Estate Sales News has been traveling around the country to report on news worthy estate sales. We travel to these various cities and states to be an informative resource for perspective sellers and buyers.

We scour the Internet on a daily basis looking for unique estate sales. Once we have seen a listing we then look for any reviews we can find of the company. We don’t want to publicize an estate sale company that has bad reviews or unresovled issues with the Better Business Bureau. When we feel confident that the company is untarnished we call and speak to them about the sale and their business. If that interview goes well we book a plane reservation and car and travel to the sale prior to the first day of the sale. We want to be able to video the sale as staged in it’s entirety.

We have included some videos of sales we have already reported on perchance you did not see them and as examples of what is a news worthy sale for Estate Sales News.  From the sale held in Reseda, CA. conducted by Crown City Estate Sales in early June where 100+ chandeliers and thousands of prisms were sold off from a retired lighting dealer, and the Los Angeles sale conducted by Again L.A. Estate Sales also in early June where there were thousands of unset gemstones and minerals from a retiring gemologist or the estate sale of Gordon Farmer who had been featured on American Pickers or our report just yesterday on the estate sale of Chef Carl The Pizza Gourmet a PBS TV star of the 1980’s.

There are many good and great estate sales across the country. We are looking for the unusual, the well known person or celebrity, large collections in the hundreds or thousands so our readers can enjoy these unique sales whether or not they can attend and become more informed consumers or clients.

It’s Friday so it is also the start of another weekend of great estate sales so happy shopping.

What’s selling in estate sales – Koi Fish, Macaws, mowers, cars, tools…

MacawsEstate Sales News is consistently monitoring estate sales for a variety of reasons, but today we want to talk about some of the current items coming up for sale.

In August in Lemont, Il. there will be 200 Koi fish for sale along with 7 Macaws. Unusual, very. Click here for a link to the sale listing on

In another week in Lebanon, NJ a Toyota car, Kubota tractor, Cub Cadet mower and loads of tools will be for sale. Click here for a link to that sale.

Coming up the first weekend of August in Greensburg, PA a sale will have a Ford conversion van, a Kabota tractor with plow and a Case 1530 uni-loader. Click here for a link to that sale

These three sales feature many other items. It’s always interesting to see what’s selling and Estate Sales News is your resource for news and information on the estate sales business nationwide.

Koi fishUni-loadervehicleKubota tractor

Green your decor with estate sale finds and repurposing – DIY video

A few weeks ago Estate Sales News featured a china cabinet from the 1960’s that had been repurposed by my daughter and son-in-law into a 21st century lighted display cabinet. We wanted to share this DIY Network video on repurposing bedroom night tables.

Besides the savings you usually obtain at an estate sale you also help the planet by “going green” with repurposing. A sort of double dipping so to speak.

You can repurpose anything from chairs, tables, lamps, beds, sofas, to patio furniture, china (break it up and set it in grout in place of tile) to jewelry. You are limited only by your imagination. Check out Pinterest for great ideas and assistance.

Repurposing from estate sale finds – mid century becomes new

Cabinet cabinet finishWhen you go to an estate sale or tag sale looking for furnishings, sometimes thinking of how repurposing an item can save you dollars. If you watch HGTV’s Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer this show focuses on how to take something you might pass up because it wasn’t what you were looking for and with some creativity and elbow grease create that special piece and hopefully at a significant discount.


interior cabinetMid century furniture (1950-1970 approximately) are often golden opportunities to repurpose. Recently my daughter and son-in-law were looking for a display cabinet. These photos are the before and after of the cabinet they found and transformed from a 1960’s so so china cabinet into a 2013 modern lighted display cabinet. The cabinet cost $50 + paint and supplies and new lighting.