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ISA Conference In Chicago On Estate Sales

The discussion of estate sales at the Chicago conference of the International Society of Appraisers was engaging and brought forth many views.

We discussed how ISA appraisers can be beneficial to estate liquidations. The degree of commitment that is required by an ISA appraiser to conduct estate sales. Estate sales are a business not a hobby.

Is an estate sale the right choice for the client. It isn’t just quantity. The best market for some items may be at auction and an ISA appraiser can assist with brokering this. As part of their training they are educated in the larger auction houses across the country.

We discussed how ISA appraisers can work in tandem with estate sale companies in a beneficial manner for both.

Our discussion included how estate sales work. Learning about staging, security, advertising, crowd control were just a few of the topics we touched on. How many hats does an ISA appraiser want to wear.

We also discussed online auctions and franchises. These are two hot topics.

It should be mentioned that online auctions and franchises have found a place for estate liquidators as well as considerations for appraisers.

We were booked for a 1 hour and 15 minute discussion and we ran over our time a bit.

Much information was covered and more will be discussed in greater detail.

Many thanks to the International Society of Appraisers for inviting me and giving me this platform to discuss the wonderful world of estate sales.


Estate Sales News Celebrates Our 2nd Birthday


Two years ago today we started publishing  This online news magazine and resource has continued to evolve and over the next several weeks we will be introducing new and we hope exciting additions.

We celebrate today and give our sincere thanks to those who have we have been part of this growth. Our  feature guest authors (Judy Martin and Julie Hall, both appraisers and experienced liquidators. Judy is a director of the International Society of Appraisers, ISA. Julie is also the director and owner of the American Society of Estate Liquidators).

Estate Sales News has traveled to California, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Nevada, Missouri, and Florida to name a few of the states we have spent time in covering news worthy estate sales.

We attended and reported on two Estate Sale Conferences and we spoke about estate sale contracts at the 2014 conference.  We went to the headquarters of EstateSales.NET in Jackson, MO, interviewing Dan and Micky McQuade, the founders and owners.

We have had guest articles from Lofty, (an online auction site), CRTS (Certified Relocation Transition Specialists), Lela of TrashFindRedesigned  (turning estate sale and other finds into great repurposed items). We hope we haven’t left anyone unmentioned.

We would also like to thank our advertisers who have supported us. Please support them if you are part of our audience.

Our goal two years ago was to inform and provide a resource for estate sale sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. We have and continue to talk about how to choose an estate sale company, estate sale tips, estate sale contracts, staging the sale, estate sale etiquette, pricing, what is an estate sale, dealing with the uncomfortable moments that can occur with sellers or buyers, rare or unique finds and more.

Entering our third year we will continue to present information to keep you informed on the wide world of estate sales.

Thanks for being part of our history and we look forward to continuing the future with you.

What’s Hot And What’s Not At Estate Sales?

At the Estate Sale Conference in Memphis a few weeks ago there was a lot of discussion amongst estate sale companies about what was and wasn’t selling in their areas.

Mid-Century Modern seems to be the most popular with general antiques being the least desired in the discussions. This is not to say antiques do not have value, they just aren’t what the majority of the public is interested in at this time.

Estate sales like any other businesses experience cycles. Your editor remembers when oak furniture from the 1900-1940’s was hot, mahogany furniture from the same period took over the number one spot from oak and now mid-century modern. At one time Victorian furniture was flying out the door and anything with marble was stickered sold shortly after the door would open. This is generally not the case today in most areas.

As buyers and times change so does what is selling at estate sales. 20 years ago clothing from the 60’s and 70’s was more likely donated than sold, but now vintage is hot.

One of the reasons preferences are changing are the age of the buyers. Baby boomers in most instances are at a stage of life where they have most of the things they want except for collectors. The groups buying at estate sales tend to be 20-40 year olds. Of course every community, county, state, and section of the country is different, but estate sale companies take this into consideration when pricing their sales.

Estate Sales – What’s Happening?

Estate Sale signAs we begin this Monday estate sale liquidators across the country are busy with consultations, staging, pricing, and getting ready for another weekend of sales.

Some are also wrapping up the loose ends at this past weekends estate sales.

One of the vendors at the Estate Sale Conference was selling shrink wrap equipment for use at estate liquidations. The gentleman was kept busy all three days of the conference so whether you are in the east, mid-west, south, or west don’t be surprised to see shrink wrap being applied. A safe way to protect and in some cases show case valuable items.

In southern California and in Florida the tents are up in the driveways to facilitate check out and provide extra space in the property. This requires extra help to make sure all items are accounted for, but it certainly does speed the process and help with the congestion that can occur as you pay for your merchandise.

Buyers take note that more and more estate liquidators will not allow purses or bags on the initial walk thru of the property. Your editor has left her bag in the car locked on several occasions. Don’t approach a sale in a confrontational state of mind.

A buyers tip for attending sales going back to our article on buying etiquette several months ago stay focused on what you are looking for and don’t get concerned with what has sold. Don’t miss your opportunity to find a treasure wasting time with another person’s purchase. Stay focused so you don’t miss anything.




2014 Estate Sale Conference 3 Weeks Away

conference2014Estate Sales News spoke to the sponsor of the 2014 Memphis Estate Sale Conference EstateSales.Net and there are a few open spots for those estate liquidation companies still desiring to attend will be at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN February 25th-27th.

This conference will inform you, educate you, transform you in some ways, and when you leave if you take with you all three days of information should help you become the leader in estate sales in your community.

From social media, to IRS audits, to the art of merchandising, making your website shine, ethics, working with an auction house, insurance, to identifying the real from fake, and of course estate sale contracts this conference has something for every estate sale company out there no matter whether you are new or have been in business 40 years. Learning is always an on going process and this is an opportunity. Whether you are starting out or trying to catch up on what’s happening, take the time or better yet make the time to attend this conference to offer perspective sellers and the public the best you can be.

Don’t Forget Estate Sale Companies To Sign Up For The 2014 Estate Sale Conference

conference2014logoJust a quick reminder time is flying by and you don’t want to miss out on the 2014 Memphis Estate Sale Conference Feb. 25-27, 2014 sponsored by EstateSales.Net.

No matter how long you have been in business you will gain new information and ideas from this conference.

Keeping up to date on what’s happening in the world of estate sales and how to improve your business is the signature of a true professional.

Judith Martin ISA CAPP – Certified Appraiser Personal Property

Judith Martin, ISA CAPPOne of the guest speakers at the Estate Sales Conference in St. Louis last week conducted by was nationally known Appraiser Judith Martin ISA CAPP (International Society of Appraisers, Certified Appraiser Personal Property). Her lecture addressed appraising for estate sales and why an estate sales company might need an appraiser.

Ms. Martin has written a very informative and important article for Estate Sales News on USPAP and appraising that will be published here on Monday, April 8th, 2013. We are most appreciative for her time and expertise on a subject of major importance in the estate sales business.

To provide you with some background on Ms. Martin here is some of her information taken from the ISA website.