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Happy Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights – Season of Hope For All

Estate Sales News would like to take this time to wish our Jewish audience and community a happy celebration of the lamp that burned 8 days instead of 1.

photo-56May the light of your candles burn brightly and the hope that it brings shine light in your life and the lives of your loved ones and family.

Happy Thanksgiving From Estate Sales News

free-thanksgiving-wallpaper-backgroundsFrom our home to yours we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Week And Estate Sales

Estate Sales NewsThis is family week for millions of Americans celebrating Thanksgiving and either cooking at home or traveling to family.

This week reminds us that families dealing with the estates of loved ones is often a difficult time and part of the job of the estate liquidator is to be understanding and help relieve some of the stress. The estate sale liquidator and many of their staff wear many hats.

For most this week is a day to rest, recoup, and enjoy their family. will be enjoying this Thanksgiving week with our family too.

Today is our last day to publish this week. We’ll be back on Monday, December 1st.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with the joy and blessings of family and friends and our United States.

4 Days Until Black Friday – Estate Sales Are You Ready?

Slide1The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.

The name Black Friday started in Philadelphia before 1961 mainly because of so many shoppers, pedestrian and vehicular trafffic, but the term started to be used more on a national basis around 1975. The reason given was that traditional retailers spent the majority of the year operating at a financial loss and the day after Thanksgiving signaled the day their accounting went from red to black. Hence Black Friday.

This has not been the case for estate sale companies. Due to the nature of the estate sale business most companies must operate in the black to stay in business, however, Thanksgiving and Black Friday present challenges to the estate liquidator.

Those that hold sales on this weekend know that they must be creative in their advertising and the way the sale is handled.

Many will offer some type of modest refreshments (cookies and perhaps cider), their sales are published not only on estate sale listing websites, but on all forms of social media, some in print, while many estate liquidators have started walking the surrounding neighborhoods leaving flyers about their upcoming estate sale and some may even offer modest gift wrapping.

Estate Sales News wishes you happy shopping. Remember to check out the estate sale ads and websites today to see if a good buy can be had without all the pushing and shoving that can take place at the big retailers. Save $$$$ and go green this Friday.

Estate Sales News Investigates – Watching Out For You – Buyers, Sellers, and Estate Sale Companies

MC900433850As we start another estate sales Friday and the last before Thanksgiving Estate Sales News wanted to let you know we are watching and listening to what’s happening at estate sales. From buyers that try to walk out with unpaid items, threaten estate sale staff, pass bad checks, to estate sale companies that don’t pay their sellers and fail to account.

Estate Sales News cannot take legal action, nor do most states have regulations, however, we will follow up on complaints and do our best to alert buyers, sellers, and estate liquidators to people that give a black eye to an industry providing such an wonderful opportunity and hopefully fun and enjoyable experience.

We will notify estate sale listing sites of companies that fail to pay and we will notify estate sale companies of buyers that create serious problems.

Do you have a provable concern about a buyer or estate sale company. EMAIL US at Be sure to leave us your name, phone number, and pertinent information.

We have provided a variety of companies with tips and information on estate liquidations, and we want to provide you with our printable list within a week.

Today as you attend and shop at estate sales across the country is your source for estate liquidation information, news and tips from an experienced former estate liquidator. Happy estate saling.

Happy Veterans Day


To all the men and women who have or are serving Estate Sales News thanks you for your service. Providing all of us with yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Information State by State

esate sale moneyHere is a list compiled by Estate Sales News of the 50 states and the District of Columbia about estate and inheritance tax. We have tried to include telephone numbers for you where possible. This information is what we could find. We have tried to provide telephone numbers for you to call. We make no guarantees on the information provided here by Estate Sales News.

Alabama – No estate or inheritance tax 334-242-1572

Alaska – No inheritance or estate tax 907-465-2300

Arizona – No inheritance estate tax after 1/1/2006 602-255-3381

Arkansas – No inheritance tax, estate tax repealed 1/1/2005 501-682-7751

California – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 800-400-7115

Colorado – No inheritance tax, not estate tax after 1/1/05 303-866-2371

Connecticut – Estate tax 860-297-5962

Delaware – Estate Tax 7/1/2009-7/1/2013 302-577-8200

District of Columbia – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 800-352-3671

Florida – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 800-352-3671

Georgia – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 404-417-4477

Hawaii – Estate Tax 800-222-3229

Idaho – No estate or inheritance tax 208-334-7660

Illinois – Estate tax repealed 11/1/10 reinstated 2011 800-732-8866

Indiana – Inheritance tax 317-232-2240

Kansas – Estate tax repealed subject to “sunset” provisions 2017-2020 785-368-8222

Kentucky – Inheritance tax and possible estate tax 502-564-4581

Louisiana – Estate Tax, possible inheritance tax 225-219-7462

Maine – No inheritance tax, possible estate tax 207-626-8475

Maryland – Inheritance tax, 410-260-7980

Massachusetts – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 617-887-6367

Michigan – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 800-487-7000

Minnesota – Estate tax, no inheritance tax 651-556-3000

Mississippi – No inheritance tax, some estate tax 601-923-7000

Missouri – No estate tax 573-751-3505

Montana – No inheritance or estate tax 406-444-2511

Nebraska – Inheritance tax 800-742-7474

Nevada – No inheritance tax, limited estate tax 866-962-3707

New Hampshire – No inheritance or estate tax 603-271-2318

New Jersey – Inheritance and estate tax 609-292-5033

New Mexico – No inheritance tax, possible estate tax 505-827-0700

New York – No inheritance tax, possible estate tax 518-457-5181

North Carolina- Estate taxes 877-252-4052

North Dakota – No inheritance tax, some estate tax 701-328-3657

Ohio – No inheritance or estate tax 800-282-1780

Oklahoma – No inheritance tax, some estate tax 405-521-3160

Oregon – Does have a tax 503-378-4988

Pennsylvania – Check tax laws 717-787-8201

Rhode Island – No inheritance tax, other tax laws 401-222-1111

South Carolina – No inheritance or estate tax 800-762-1295

South Dakota – No inheritance, limited estate tax 800-829-9188

Tennessee – Inheritance tax 615-741-2837

Texas – No inheritance or estate tax 800-252-5555

Utah – No inheritance and limited estate tax 800-662-4335

Vermont – No inheritance tax, has estate tax 802-828-2865

Virginia – No inheritance tax, estate tax repealed for deaths after 7/1/2007 804-367-8031

Washington – Estate tax 800-647-7706

West Virginia – No inheritance or estate tax 304-558-3333

Wisconsin – No inheritance, has estate tax 608-266-2772

Wyoming – No inheritance or estate tax 307-777-5287

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Estate Sales Friday – Ready, Set, Go – Happy Halloween!

Estate Sale signOnce again the weekend begins for thousands of estate sale companies across the country. Let’s examine what most of them have done this week.

We will assume they have a sale starting today. If that is the case they have probably spent the week sorting, cleaning, and staging your personal property. They have priced (and when necessary researched) the bulk of your items for sale. Depending on the size of your estate sale they may have worked 6, 8, 10, 12 or even more hours per day. Along with sorting, cleaning, polishing, pricing, and staging your sale estate liquidators have been busy making sure that all advertising, internet, social media, and possibly print media are in place. Most estate sale company owners do this themselves so that work is done either before they come to your property or after they leave.

The estate sale liquidators’ day doesn’t end though when they leave your property. The may return buyer inquiries either by phone or email, respond to perspective sellers, and in some cases, may be checking on the clean out or final pay out of the sale the previous weekend.

They also have to oversee their staff and make sure that all necessary signage and security is in place for your sale. Permits (if required) may have to be posted in a visible position and their method of crowd control must be in place (sign in sheet, number system etc.)

The estate liquidator has probably also dealt with any emotional or stress issues of the seller. You could say they wear many hats.

As the time approaches they make sure everyone is in place, price tags are visible, show cases secure, any rooms not to be involved are secured, cash needed to start is in place along with working credit card internet access is available.

Signs advising buyers of any regulations pertaining to the sale or property must also be visibly posted.

If the sale starts at 9:00am the estate sale owner or manager will probably open the door at 8:59am to advise those waiting for entrance of any conditions property or sale wise that they need to be aware of.

9:00am IT BEGINS!

Happy Halloween from Estate Sales News your source to learn about estate sales, news, and a national resource for estate liquidations.

pumpkin & kitty

Throwback Thursday – Remember Charlie Brown & Snoopy – Needlepoint Pillows


Remember Charles Schultz Charlie Brown, Snoopy & pals?  Here are three needlepoint pillows made by your editor’s Mom for her granddaughter in 1979. Priceless mementos of people and time past. Estate Sales News throws it back to you. Send us your throwback photos for next week. Email



Estate Sale Find For Throw Back Thursday – Did You Use One Of These?

Did you use one and do you know what it is? “Hint” It use to pop your buttons!Vintage Wringer Washer