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Estate Sale & Auction Working to Sell Houshold and Taxidermy in Portland, Michigan

Barbara Stevens Jersey, Wonder Women Estate Sales and Bob Howe, Epic Auctions & Estate Sales are teaming up to sell a home with much general household and approximately 150 taxidermy mounts. The estate belonged to a well known sportsman in Portland, Michigan the estate sale begins Friday. The auction will be simulcast as well as live and starts Saturday morning. The mounts that are being auctioned are legal to sell under law. Estate Sales News visited Barbara and Bog (a licensed auctioneer) at the property on Wednesday, September 24th. We are grateful to them for their time and inviting us to this unique event.

Barbara has been a speaker at both the 2013 and 2014 EstateSales.NET conference. Bob is also a contributor.

Here is a link to view the estate sale

Here is a link to view the auction

Guest Article From Lela Of Trash Find Redesigned – Why Buy At Estate Sales

10505188_661676120592763_2462403117424468603_oEstate Sales News is happy to have a guest article by Lela, Trash Find Redesigned, a New Jersey Mom and estate sale chaser who has found a way to bring her love of estate sales and what can be found and done with the items at estate liquidations.

Here is an introduction from Lela.

“Hello, my name is Lela. I am happy to admit… I am totally hooked on Estate Sales. I have a fabulous husband, 3 awesome kids, one beautiful daughter-in-law, and 2 adorable grand-pups. I am on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my own website all of which are called Trash Find Redesigned.

Estate Sales are fabulous places to find unique and interesting items. I really enjoy finding items with potential and creating something special with them. I don’t do this for profit. I really do it in hopes that my family, friends, and others will enjoy. Wait, who am I kidding… I do it so that I can enjoy!

Two summers ago, two of my bigger finds were featured on ABC’s Good Morning America! Lara Spencer (also host of Flea Market Flip) transformed my $10 Estate Sale vanity into a treasure along with a vintage Amish bench that I also found.

My husband and I had hosted an outdoor engagement party for my son and his fiance two years ago. Most of the items that I used were bought at estate sales which I had transformed into something special for the party. Many people had asked where I got all of the vintage pieces. When I told them estate sales, they were totally intrigued.

As I sit here on my couch, I count 44 items that were all finds from various Estate Sales. To name a few: a vintage iron, farmhouse windows, Mason jars, vintage glass door knobs, an antique chalkboard, a wrought iron parlor chair, a wooden toolbox, and so on and so forth.

I myself am a lover of vintage items, but Estate Sales can have everything from brand spankin’ new to barely used to modern, vintage, collectable, or antique.

If you’re new to shopping at Estate Sales, I would suggest spending a day trying to visit a few different ones. Map out your choices, leave early with coffee in hand, and head out for a fun day of shopping like you’ve never shopped before. Oh, don’t forget to pack a lunch, drinks, and snacks. You won’t want to stop once you get started. I also pack an ESS KIT. I never leave home without it… you’ll have to visit my website to see what an ESS KIT is.

So my son tells me he is moving to a larger apartment next month and desperately needs furniture. Hmm, wonder where I can get a great deal on some pieces of furniture. My mission for the next several weeks, if I choose to accept it – bedroom furniture, a kitchen table, coffee table, a couch and some knick knacks. What fun, wish me luck!



Estate Sale & Auction Companies Working Together – Video Interview with Barbara Stevens Jersey & Bob Howe

Estate Sales News visited with Barbara Stevens Jersey of Wonder Women Estate Sales and Bob Howe of Epic Auctions and Estate Sales in Portland, Michigan. They are teaming up to sell an estate of a well known sportsman with much taxidermy (170 or so mounts) that was a children’s museum and  general househould.

Estate Sales New also has a video that will be on the Front Page this Wednesday, October 1st of the upcoming  sale and auction scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

The video of the household estate sale and mounts to be auction will be on the Front Page on Wednesday October 1st.

Here is a link to Barbara’s website Wonder Women Estate Sales

Here is a link to Bob’s website Epic Auctions & Estate Sales

Estate Sale Today Midland MI, Mid-Century Modern, Georg Jensen, Rare Mercedes Benz, Art Glass Many Collections

Judy Campbell Estate and Moving Sales presents the sale of Mrs. Ranny Riecker, granddaughter of Dow Chemical Company founder H.H. Dow in Midland, Michigan today starting at 9am. Estate Sales News visited Judy and her staff on Tuesday, September 22nd and we present a video of the fantastic collections to be sold at this sale including Mid-Century Modern furnishings (large collection) 300 pieces of Georg Jensen sterling (flatware sets, hollow ware, and jewelry), a rare 1968 Mercedes Benz SE280 Cabriolet (to be sold by sealed bid today at 3pm), art glass, books, art and so much more we have a website link below to the sale.

Click here for website link of photos and more information

Collection of Mid-Century Modern Furniture At Midland MI Estate Sale

The largest collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture that Estate Sales News has encountered will be sold tomorrow and Saturday at the estate sale we visited in Midland, Michigan on Tuesday being conducted by Judy Campbell Estate and Moving Sales LLC. The door opens at 9AM and a number system for entry is in use.

The video of the sale and fabulous contents will be available on at 9AM.

Here are a few examples of the Mid-Century Modern items for sale in this 6700 sq.ft. home.

1-t_006  1-t_097









Click here link to Judy Campbell Estate and Moving Sales LLC website

Estate Sale Video Interview With Judy Campbell, Midland Michigan

1968 SE280 Cabriolet1-t_007










Estate Sales News sat down yesterday with Judy Campbell of Judy Campbell Estate and Moving Sales LLC in Midland, Michigan to discuss her education, business and this weekends’ upcoming estate sale.

Judy has been a participating appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow for the past 16 years traveling across the country. She is a syndicated and nationally featured columnist. Her estate sales and appraisal business are her first love.

The car shown in photos here is a model that Mercedes made only 70. It is a 1968 SE280 Cabriolet. The car will be sold Friday, September 26th by sealed bid.

This home is filled with designer mid-century furniture along with many other collections including art glass and Estate Sales News will be publishing a video of the sale Friday, September 26th at 9am featuring these fabulous collections.

Click here for a link to Judy Campbell Estate & Moving Sales LLC website

Estate Sales News is very appreciative for Judy Campbell and her staff spending time with us and giving us unfettered access to them and this estate sale.

Estate Sales News is Traveling Today to Michigan

125px-Flag_of_MichiganEstate Sales News is flying to Michigan today to cover two fabulous and unique estate sales and an auction that is working along side an estate sale.

Known as the Wolverine state or Great Lake state we have an opportunity to interview three very experienced individuals in estate sales, one of whom is also an auctioneer and one is also an appraiser.

The estate sales are in two different areas of Michigan and one will be taking place this weekend, the other estate sale and auction will be next weekend.

These estates are very diverse. One is the estate of woman from a nationally known family and will feature collections that are seen once, maybe twice in a lifetime along with a classic car and the other is the estate of a well known sportsman and will have an estate sale starting on Friday with an auction of a taxidermy collection on Saturday.

We hope to have two videos for you for the sale this weekend and two for the estate sale and auction for next weekend.

Video of Huge Antique Halloween Collection – Courtesy of Marth Stewart Living

Halloween is only 40 days away and one of the largest celebrated days on the calendar. Martha Stewart Living featured this video with a huge Halloween collection from Barbara Trujillo of Bridgehampton, CT. This video can be enlarged to full screen. thanks Martha Stewart Living for allowing this video to be shared.

Halloween collections are second only to Christmas collections today. If you are looking to add to or start a collection be sure to keep a look out at estate sales.
Many collectors have found great items at these sales. Check out EstateSales.Net,,, and to see what is selling at estate sales near you.

Estate Sales Good News- Two Stories For This Wednesday

The story is from Jan Hoff, Family Affair Estate Sales, LLC, St. Louis, MO.

“We don’t always know them by name. We call them our regulars. Large group of good, kind people. One of our favorites baked goodies every sale. I bring her flowers on her birthday and have them for a Christmas lunch. Love so many of our customers and consider them friends. People make the world go round.”

So many estate sale companies have similar stories. Clients that bring them unexpected gifts, buyers that go out of their way to appreciate the estate liquidators conducting the sale.

Here is another good story from Charlene Harkabus Macias, Timesavers Estate Sales, Aurora, IL

I need you to know how grateful I am for your existence in my life. That you and your team were able to help me downsize my family home in Lincoln Park after my wife went into assisted living with Alzheimer’s will be something I’ll never forget. You were able to help me organize and price 30 years of accumulated personal history, your team was able to get it all sold and out of my home allowing me to move to a new apartment.

It was a sad irony that my dear sister passed away during July, just before you were doing my estate sale. When my sister’s family asked for help in finding someone to do an estate sale of her belongings I was thrilled to recommend you. And you did it again! My sister’s home was a real challenge, but again you and your team rose to the occasion and got the job done in record time. What my nieces were going to put into dumpsters netted them thousands of dollars. The house was emptied quickly and put on the market. Charlene you know your stuff and I will continue to recommend you to all. With sincere gratitude, Lino A. Darchun, Realtor.

Our thanks to Jan Hoff and Charlene Harkabus Macias for sharing good news stories.

Concerns About The Sale of Ivory for Estate Sale Companies – NJ has Strict Laws

elephant ivoryLast week we discussed federal law with regard to ivory including California and New York. Following federal law each state can decide if they want to restrict the sale and purchase of ivory beyond the current federal restrictions. This information is provided from U.S. Fish and Wildlife. The article is lengthy, but well worth reading. The law in this article states that it will support the number of elephant sport-hunted trophies that an individual can import to two per hunter per year. Here is the link to federal law on ivory.

Estate Sales News continues researching the sale and/or purchase of ivory and we have learned that Gov. Christie of New Jersey signed into a law a ban on all ivory including antique. The link below will take you to this very important article.

North Carolina is currently considering how their laws should pertain to ivory. Here is a link. Connecticut also is concerned with the sale of ivory, however, we could not find any further restrictions other than federal. Here is the current link to law in Connecticut.

Here is a link to an LA Time article from September 2, 2014 concerning the sale of ivory.

Estate Sales News will continue to update you on ivory and rhino horn as more news and laws become available or or written.