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Buying At Estate Sales – What To Be Aware Of

ShoppingEstate Sales News encourages the public to buy at estate sales and if the liquidator offers delivery or shipping they usually follow through without incident. We have done this many times and been extremely satisfied.

However Estate Sales News made a purchase recently and this has not worked out as planned.  An item was purchased, paid for with a credit card, was to be shipped, and now three weeks later the item has not arrived. Text messages to the estate sale company have been sent several times with no response and two phone calls were made that were answered, however, the item has yet to arrive and neither has the shipping info as well.  Most estate sale companies deal in good faith with their customers.

When you put your trust in an estate sale company you should follow up and be sure to post positive feedback for good customer service. Estate sale companies care about their reputation. Buyers just like sellers can always search reviews on the internet, however, there isn’t always time and if negative feedback is posted it let’s future sellers know about the companies practices and ethics.

As a buyer or seller posting feedback on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other sites is valuable information for future sellers and buyers. Your reviews should be truthful, explain the service rendered to you, and not done with bias.

Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Connect With Success

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Estate Sales News utilizes all of these various social media networks, however, we want to bring to your attention that with the weather conditions currently effecting most of the country these can also help you get the word out about your estate sale this weekend.

We have been looking a many estate sales that are being postponed for either a day or until another weekend. Keeping your staff and buyers safe is very important.

If you use newspaper advertising it is nearly impossible to get the word out this morning unless you did it yesterday, but social media is immediate.

For those that are not familiar with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) it allows you to offer your clients frequently updated blog or article information. Estate Sales News offers this for anyone at no cost. If you are an estate sale company we will also provide you with a typewriter logo for your audience to click on. Several estate liquidators currently subscribe to our RSS feed.

It is estate sale Friday, however, unless you are in an area where weather is not a hazard check with the estate sale company and more importantly check on the local road conditions and stay safe.

Estate Sale Of Oscar Winning Actor Jack Palance And His Wife Elaine

Jack Palance EstateEstate Sales News spoke with L.A. Kroese owner of Expert Estate Sales who will be conducting a sale for the estate of Jack Palance and his widow Elaine in Tehachapi, CA. Dec. 6 – Dec. 8, 2013. at the Cielo Ranch home in the Cummings Valley. Although they owned two properties (the other was sold shortly after the actor’s death) this home was their main ranch and private retreat.

Ms. Kroese told Estate Sales News that the Palance sale includes furnishings, contents of a huge working barn and two additional out buildings.  Items such as a John Deere 4100 tractor, a great collection of western gear, saddles along American antiques, pottery, bronze dore clocks,  three antique armoires, a collection of commercial sewing equipment, fabrics and more that Elaine used in her professional interior decor and design studio. There is also a collection of horse garden statues, antique wagon wheels, garden benches and the list goes on.

Estate Sales News learned that the sale highlights include a large rooster outdoor sculpture, a Mazarati and a collection of child sized English riding horse figures.

To check out more about this fabulous sale from this well known actor click this link.

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Today we celebrate a tradition that dates back more than 400 years that had it’s roots in New England and spread across America to become a tradition in all 50 states.

Estate Sales News has too many to thank people to thank individually so we thank you all for your encouragement, support, and continued readership. 

A 6pm post today to assist you with your shopping tomorrow and this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving.




Hanukkah, Thanksgiving – Holidays Create Collections

Hanukkah starts tonight and we wish all who celebrate a Happy Hanukkah. It also is one of the holidays that many people collect Judaica for. Judaica can be found at estate sales. There are three sales currently advertising Judaica on EstateSales.Net and at lease one or two taking place this weekend. Just as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween collections abound so does Judaica. To celebrate these unique and distinct collectibles we have created a Pinterest Board on our Estate Sales News Pinterest page which show a sample of items that are at estate sales.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Estate Sales News wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. No matter where you celebrate this American cultural tradition, we hope you enjoy this wonderful time. Estate Sales News will not be publishing tomorrow, but of course you can always find all of the hundreds of articles and videos we have published right here on

Check out what you and your family are using for this turkey day. Chances are there is at least one vintage item, a plate, bowl, decorative ceramic turkey, vase etc. and these items can also be found at estate sales. 

From our house to yours may your celebrations be joyful.


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Estate Sales On Black Friday And Thanksgiving Weekend – Advertising Is Key

ShoppingEstate Sales News is publishing today, Sunday, because with Thanksgiving Thursday this week it is very important if you are running an estate sale on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and the weekend that you have good marketing in place to compete with the big stores, Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, JC Penny, etc. It would appear that there will be 1000 plus estate sales starting on Friday, November 29th.

The big retailers have been sending out flyers in the mail and advertising on television and radio for weeks. Most estate sale companies cannot compete with that, however, there are ways to attract buyers.

If you are on Pinterest, have you created a board about your sale this week? Featured some items that will be better buys than what the retailers will offer. Have you been posting and updating your Facebook business page (and if you don’t have one you should). Today social media is the place where estate sale liquidators can get ahead of their competition. Sending out tweets on Twitter on a regular basis about some of the good buys and great items you have that would make wonderful gifts. This is a great time to encourage people attending your sales to follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook as well.

It’s also a great time to be advertising that if you are not required to collect sales tax that buying gifts at your sale is “tax free”.

If you happen to do videos and have YouTube on your website a short video might also be a good way to get the word out.

Any way you look at it although you have competition on Thanksgiving weekend, by using your marketing skills and knowledge you can make it a win win for you and your seller.

Estate Sales News -The Source For Estate Sale Information, News And National Blog

Carol Madden, Editor, ESNEstate Sales News has had a very busy November. Two trips to California in 12 days, Florida, Maryland along with a telephone interview for an upcoming estate sale in Tehachapi CA starting Dec. 6th.

We have many topics to cover in the upcoming weeks, but today we want to address next week, Thanksgiving. If you are on or follow social media you’ll no doubt have seen many posts and comments about stores open and having workers working on Thanksgiving pros and mostly cons. Having been an estate sale liquidator for 25 plus years your editor never worked the Thanksgiving holiday. It was important time for my staff and I to spend with our families and recharge our batteries so to speak.  This was a personal decision. Each estate sale company decides their own policy. Sellers, however, should have input about whether they want a sale conducted during this time period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our audience who follows us, comments to us, and inspires us to continue to provide the most up to date estate liquidation information possible on estate sales, business and estate sale trends. “You are why this website exists”.

This year I will again join my family to celebrate Thanksgiving so no article next Thursday, November 28th. I give thanks this year to you, the audience. You have made this journey since March 6th, 2013, our launch date the best possible experience and we will continue. This truly is a labor of love for the profession. 

It’s been a fascinating week in Los Angeles. Meeting Eric from TMZ was a wonderful experience and as always we keep learning too.

Have an idea or question for us email me at

TODAY IS ESTATE SALE FRIDAY – Where are you going? 

TGIF Everyone.

Video – Estate Sales News At The Dr. Arnold Klein Sale – Los Angeles, CA Today.

This video of Estate Sales News at the Dr. Klein sale was shot by Chris David. Here is a link to his website.

Estate Sales News At 553 S. Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles. CA Dr. Arnold Klein Sale

photo(18)Estate Sales News is in Hancock Park at the sale for Dr. Arnold Klein today conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales at 553 S. Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. The home Tudor style home was built in 1914. Please visit our Pinterest Board for a view of the front exterior. HERE IS THE LINK for the sale on EstateSales.Net

You can follow us on Twitter and later in the morning (we’re on Pacific Time) please check out YouTube. We will also post an update on Facebook.