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Estate Sales – What effects them the most

money moversEstate Sales across the country can be effected by several things, but the most common are location, weather, and who is running the sale.

You can choose who runs your estate liquidation, but you cannot control the location (most of the time) and certainly not the weather.

Recently there have been some very nice estate sales that appeared to be well advertised and the weather was ok, however, the properties were located in areas where unemployment has been a continuing problem. As the result the sales proceeds weren’t not as high as they might have been in an area where unemployment is not a factor. That old real estate saying “location, location” even applies to estate sales.

The weather can also be a problem. If spring is suppose to be here and it’s snowing out, sales can be off. This also applies to heavy rain and windy conditions. Right now in April websites like have thousands of sales posted for every weekend because the weather is reasonable, barring a few exceptions. January and February can be difficult in the Midwest and Northeast, but many times after being snow bound or frozen in time (so to speak) can bring the buyers flooding out to sales for relief.

The professional estate liquidation company you choose is also important. Please check out our pages on what to be listening and looking for from an estate sale company.

Well it’s Friday and there are so many sales, if you are in need of an estate sale company go check out a few sales in your area. Watch the company in action. Or, if you are on the hunt be it for furnishings, jewelry, artwork or even a car this is a great weekend to go shopping, go green and save over retail.


Looking For An Estate Sale Company? Check For Reviews

If you are looking for an estate sale company check out the internet for reviews, good or bad. Today the majority of people in the United States have access to the internet.

Google is a great source to look for reviews, however, Google only accepts reviews from people that use gmail. Another great source to check out is the BBB (Better Business Bureau). A serious complaint from a consumer can end up on the doorstep of the BBB.

You can also look at the yellow pages. Believe it or not people do leave reviews.

You can check social media such as Facebook, however, an estate sale company like anyone else on Facebook can remove unwanted comments.

One other internet source is

If you do have internet access you may want to type in the name of the estate sale companies your are looking at and see what shows up.

Hiring an appraiser – USPAP by Judith Martin ISA CAPP

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)  is published by The Appraisal Foundation located in Washington DC.   This document is re-issued every two years and is the guidelines for Appraisers and the users of Appraisals.  USPAP involves real estate, personal property and business valuation.  

The document is broken into nine parts.  The first seven sections (Definitions, Preamble, Ethics Rule, Record Keeping, Competency, Scope of Work, and Jurisdictional Exception ) pertain to all those who use USPAP in their professional lives.   The following sections are The Standards which pertain to the development of an appraisal and the reporting of the findings.  The final section is the Statements which clarify, interpret, explain and elaborate the Standards.     

All  the parts of USPAP are important in an appraisers work.  However, USPAP does not state how reports are to be written.  The Standards only indicate what needs to be included in the report to be a USPAP compliant report.

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist -CRTS

CRTS- logo

This article was contributed by CRTS and was written by Erin Kurimay

There comes a time when an elderly person can no longer manage their home or live alone, and the grown children begin to realize that their parents or aging loved ones need to either move to an assisted living residence, or downsize, remodel, and modify the design of the current home to age-in-place.

The aging parents have most likely lived in the home for 30 years or more, and with that have collected a lifetime full of memories and stuff.  Furniture, china, silver, collectibles, family heirlooms, art work precious photo albums, clothing, holiday decorations, the entire contents of the kitchen, medicines, hazardous household chemicals, gasoline cans, the lawn mower, snow thrower………the list goes on.

Florida estate sales – some things you should know

Florida homeEach state has it’s own laws pertaining to estate sales. Today we’ll discuss some things to expect in Florida. Perspective clients for estate liquidators should ask about these topics to be informed.

The state of Florida requires the collection of sales tax by estate liquidation companies unless you possess a resales tax certificate which a buyer will need to present to the liquidator. Florida requires the liquidator to keep a copy of this certificate on file.

In many areas of Florida you will find signs posted in highly visible locations on the front yard of the home (or where there isn’t a front yard near the entrance) where the sale is being held letting buyers know that no purses or large bags can be brought into the home. This is a security measure for the protection of the sale.

Especially on nice days you will find the check out for the sale in the garage, under a canopy or tent. Many Florida liquidation companies record their sales on computers. It is beneficial for keeping track of the sales tax collected that must be reported and turn into the state.

More and more local authorities are requiring estate sales companies to take out a local license for their estate liquidation business.

More discussion in the future.