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Estate Sales In August – Good Time To Start Your Holiday Shopping

vintage dressMercedes Benz for sale





It’s only August 14th, but now is a terrific time to shop for the holidays. With so many estate sales out there, you’re sure to find some treasures and good buys.

Whether you’re looking for Thanksgiving, Chanukah, or Christmas decorations or now is the time. Especially with several months to go.

Clothing from high end to vintage is abundant at sales. From a Louis Vitton bag or wallet, to a 1950’s swirl skirt or ruffle top apron and don’t forget shoes, ties, shirts etc.  So much to choose from at a variety of prices.

Looking to change out your end tables, bedroom set, get an additional sofa for your living or family room, what a selection. Better than most furniture stores and everything from designer to the very inexpensive, leather or material.

How about a car, for the new teenage driver or to replace your old gas eater.

Looking for jewelry. Fine gold and silver, great vintage costume, Native American, so much can be seen at so many estate sales and the prices are right.

So now is the time to make your list, check it twice and go estate sale shopping.

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Selling Fine Jewelry At An Estate Sale

goldMany estate sale companies have taken the precaution of not showing pictures of fine jewelry that they will be selling at an estate sale, however, their advertising on various estate sale listing sites include descriptions and the karat of the gold. Most do not show photos of the jewelry until the day before or day of to protect the property and contents.

However, including the description of the jewelry to be sold without any photos can loose some buyers.

A suggestion would be to feature photos of the jewelry for sale, however, be sure to include in your listing site description that the jewelry will not be at the property until the day of the sale. This allows buyers to decide if they are interested and still protects the jewelry and other contents of the home prior to the start of the estate sale or event.

This can also hold true of any high value items in an estate sale. Nothing frustrates buyers more than to search for specific items on a listing site and then not find any photos.

The estate sale company has a fiduciary relationship with the seller(s) so they are protective of what has been entrusted in their care, but not showing any photos is not beneficial to bringing buyers. Especially if there are several other estate sales in the area that they can choose to attend.

Protection of all items for sale is paramount, however, if concerned about specific pieces in a sale remove them from the property to a secure location until the sale is ready to begin and do not release the specific address of the sale more than a day or two ahead.

News Worthy Estate Sale In Port Charlotte Fl. This Weekend

Sharon L. Hardison and Associates Estate Liquidations is holding an estate sale in Port Charlotte, Fl on May 15, 16, & 17, 2014 from 9am-3pm.

I interviewed Sharon about this estate sale. She told me this belonged to a collector of 40 years. A plethora of sterling, including 2 solid fine silver troy ounce bullion bars. There is a large coin collection she said along with antiques, airline collectibles, a signed Peter Max and a signed Andy Warhol, much artwork, author signed books and so much it would be hard to list it all here.

Estate Sales News has put together this slide show to provide a preview of what’s going to be available at this news worthy estate sale.

Here is a link to Sharon’s website for more on this extraordinary sale.

Estate Sales In May Face Many Obstacles That Can Be Overcome

Clearing hurdlesMay is one of the busiest months of the year socially. Estate sale liquidators need to be on the top of their game in order to cross over the hurdles and navigate the various events that take place. Let’s take a quick review of the events of May.

The first weekend of the month is First Communion for thousands and the beginning of an entire month of college graduations. Mother’s Day comes along the second Sunday of the month and families tend to gather together for a celebratory weekend about Moms and Grandmas. As May progresses high school graduations begin in many parts of the United States along with colleges and then finally as we head into the last of May, Memorial Day celebrated on the last Monday of the month to honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces has also become the unofficial first weekend of summer holidays. May truly has social events happening every weekend for someone somewhere, more so than many other months.

What can be done to overcome all of this while the estate sale season is in full swing?

Estate sale companies should start with getting estate sales or events out in the public forum early. List them as soon as possible on estate sale listing sites. Try to include at least a few staged photographs to attract the attention of those looking. (Whenever you post your initial sale photos declutter if necessary and stage the photos to show case what it is you want the public to see first).

Estate liquidators should also get them up on their website immediately and hopefully with a slideshow or short video. (An estate liquidators website is very important to maintain an internet presence and to keep their name in the public.)  Again the items shown should be staged. Every care needs to be taken to provide potential buyers with a reason why their sale should be first on the list.

Social media is next. Make sure you have a business Facebook page, a Twitter account, google+, reddit, YouTube and a business Linkedin account. All of these pages should connect to the estate sale company’s website. The estate sale business requires not just the physical labor of the staging and conducting of the sale, but the media skills to keep the buying public informed and excited about their sales.

The last concern for advertising is newspapers and that usually takes place a few days before the sale.

It is now time to consider how you advertise. For Mother’s day suggest items in your estate sales at least two to three weeks a head that would make special or unique gifts (many sales offer jewelry, collectible glass and china and other items that the special women in your life may enjoy). Gifts for college or high school graduates can include items they will need to take to college (a TV, linens, etc) and for those joining the job market what they may need to set-up their own apartment or room, i.e. furniture, kitchenware, lighting etc.

Planning ahead and preparing for months where social functions will conflict with estate sales distinguishes the experienced liquidator from others. A seasoned professional estate liquidator is like an athlete that has trained and learned what enables them to win even in a tough race.

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Estate Sales News Has A New Pinterest Board Just For Mother’s Day

photo-26Estate Sales News has created a new Pinterest Board for Mother’s Day 2014 using estate sales treasures and finds available for sale at estate liquidations across the country.

Plpinterestease click here to visit our Pinterest page and view the Mother’s Day Board.

Across the USA you will find china, jewelry, art, furs, vintage clothing, cars, everything imaginable.

Don’t forget, you can make this Mother’s Day special by taking her shopping for something unique and desirable. Check out EstateSales.Net,, for estate liquidations taking place starting Thursday and make this weekend extraordinary with an estate sale treasure.

Estate Sales News is here to provide information and help for sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. We are pleased that EstateSales.Net has included as a resource for estate sale companies.



What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Weekend? Here’s A Sample

Today is estate sale Friday so here is a sampling of items that will be for sale this weekend. These sales range from Connecticut to California. This is only a tiny sampling of what is out there. Remember Mother’s Day is May 11th. Buy that special woman something she’ll never forget. Shop at estate sales.

Mother’s Day Is May 11, Buy Her Something Special At An Estate Sale

LaliqueEstate Sale companies there is just over 2 weeks before Mother’s day. Now is the time to use every advertising resource you have to get the message out that buying a Mother’s day gift at an estate sale can make it very special.

Vintage clothing and jewelry, collectible or vintage kitchenware, linens, antiques, even vintage hats and designer purses can be bought.

Take your advertising to the next level. Utilize not only estate sale listing sites, but Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ and YouTube. Social Media is free in most cases and can reach millions.

For instance create a Pinterest board for Mother’s day for your sale. Showcase special items.

Tweet out what you’re finding as you sort through the contents.

This is also a moment to showcase your advertising capabilities and utilize this in your presentation to perspective estate sellers.

The possibilities are restricted only by your creativity.

Buyers this is your opportunity. will be writing more on this subject. Register for more great estate sale tips.

Valentines Day And Estate Sales – Shop And Save

Vintage ValentineValentines Day is only 11 days away. You could go out and spend a portion of your week’s pay on roses or candy or you can surprise that special someone in your life with something different that you purchased at an estate sale.

Just perusing, or there is a wide variety of items out there for sale prior to February 14th. Jewelry (fine and vintage), handbags (including designer), crystal, porcelain, art, designer clothing (at affordable prices), fur coats, and specialty items such as  vintage valentine cards, vintage barware, and the list goes on.

Not only will you probably save money, (and in many areas sales tax), but also you will demonstrate that you took the time and thought to find that special gift. Candy and flowers are a phone call or quick stop and shop away, but attending an estate sale says impressive.

Take a look at the sites listed above and see if there is an estate sale near you with something for that special someone. You could be an estate sale star!

Huffington Post Suggest 5 Things You Should Buy At Estate Sales

Estate Sales News features an RSS feed from the Huffington Post and today they featured an article on what they consider to be the 5 things you should buy at estate sales and the 3 items they suggest you should not. Here are their recommendations.

The 5 items they recommend are:

  • Silverware
  • Older big furnishings, i.e, bureaus, tables, and shelving units
  • Dishware – fine china or everyday
  • Tablecloths and what they call other niceties or decorative items
  • Jewelry  for the ladies, fine or costume

They suggest you refrain from buying upholstered furniture, big appliances, and cookware.

Estate Sales News recommends that whenever you attend an estate sale you look at the overall conditions of the property. If you spot mold we suggest you reconsider the purchase. You will have to decide on whether the contents were well kept and if the house, condo, or apartment was kept clean and then make your own decisions.

Click Here for the link to their article.



Great Shopping At A Bronx New York Estate Sale – Video

Paul Dunn held an estate sale last in November 2013 in the Bronx, New York. Here is his video with our thanks that demonstrates the varied great finds at estate sales. Are you shopping at one today? It’s not too late to do your Christmas shopping.