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Happy Valentines Day From Estate Sales News – Be Our Valentine


Estate Sale ThrowBack Thursday – Vintage Pin Ball Machines

Vintage pin ball machines are being sold this Friday and Saturday, February 13 and 14 at San Antonio, TX by A Reliquarium. Pin ball machines have been popular all during the 20th century. A ThrowBack to the last century.

1pin ball machines

Estate Sales, Spring Is Coming and Now Is The Time To Find Your Estate Sale Company

how-to-chooseAlthough parts of the northeast are buried under feet of snow, spring is coming and estate sale companies are booking estate liquidations quickly.

If you are planning on having an estate sale, right now is the time to start looking for the estate liquidator to work for you.

Lets review some basics and then you can use our printable list to assist you helping you with all the steps in the process. Look for the link on the top of our Front Page How to Choose an Estate Sale Company for more details and also a host of information including estate sale contracts.

  • Ask your family, friends, neighbors, Realtor or attorney if they know a liquidator they would recommend and be sure to ask why.
  • Look at the estate sale listing websites, EstateSales.Net, and These four companies feature the most estate sale companies that are listed on the internet across the country. They also feature their current or upcoming estate sales (you may want to attend some estate sales).
  • After reviewing estate liquidators on these websites and looking at their sales listed take time to look for internet reviews.
  • Call at least three companies to conduct an initial phone interview. Decide if you would be interested in pursuing these liquidators and inviting them to your property where the estate sale would take place. Once you have at least two or three companies, set up appointments well spaced apart to walk them through the property and discuss their services afterwards.
  • When you sit down with the estate sale company to discuss work, fees or commissions, availability dates for a sale, length of sale, set-up etc., be sure they completely review their contract with you. Ask questions, and do not hesitate to seek legal advice if you are unsure of the contract.
  • Once you have decided on a liquidator and have done your due diligence remember you have based your choice on the best information possible, that they are professional in what they do and ask them what if anything you can do to assist.
  • Now it is time to let them get to work and do their job. Don’t micromanage and only step in with a genuine concern.

These are the very basics for your search for an estate sale company. Never a 100% guarantee, but with so many thousands of reputable, experienced, knowledgeable estate sale companies out there you have done your best. Now let your estate sale company do their best for you.

Estate Sales Throw Back Thursday – A 1931 Model A Coupe With Video

A great video and antique auto for sale at Blue Hill Estate Sales in Florida.

Blue Hill Estate Sales will be selling this 1931 Ford Model A Coupe in West Melbourne, Florida on February 13 and 14, 2015. To view more click here for a link to Blue Hill Estate Sales website.

Spring Time Is Only Weeks Away – Estate Sale, Moving Sale, Consignment or Auction

clean out truckNow that Ground Hog Day is past spring is approaching and with it come decisions about moving, downsizing, relocating, or just a clean out.

For those in our audience that are doing more than just a clean out it is time now to start deciding what you want to keep and what you don’t. Then comes the big decision, how to eliminate all the unwanted or unnecessary items.

Now is the time to start looking for estate sale companies if you have more to eliminate than keep. You might even consider finding an estate sale company that would conduct what they call a partial sale, where it is limited to just a few rooms. Not all estate sale companies perform this particular liquidation, but it is wise to ask.

Start asking your friends, relatives, Realtor or attorney if they can recommend an estate sale company. Also start looking at estate sale listing websites like EstateSales.Net, and to see who is working in your area. There are other listing sites as well to check out.

When speaking with liquidators ask them if you don’t have enough for a sale if they would consider buying out what you have, take on consignment or recommend a local auctioneer that may do consignment auctions for small lots.

You may also want to inquire with an estate sale company if they assist in a clean out. Many now perform this function for a fee as well. The estate liquidation business has many facets today.

With the last 6 or so weeks of winter left (hopefully less) now is the perfect time if you are going to relocate to get the chore of sorting through and making your key decisions, but remember – if you have a lot “don’t throw anything out” until you have interviewed some estate sale companies. You may be giving away money unknowingly.

Estate Sale Dos’ And Dont’s For Buyers On Estate Sale Friday

reviewsYears ago when the estate sale business was a small industry and only visible in newsprint most buyers understood that courtesy, calm, patience, and good manners could go a long way to helping them buy items they sought to purchase.

To those buyers that remember their estate sale etiquette this article is an attempt to encourage all estate sale buyers to keep in step with you and estate sale liquidators nationwide appreciate you and your business.

Since the personal property liquidation industry has soared to over 7,000 companies buyers appear to look at the number of estate sales in their area and many assume they can enter a sale, make inappropriate comments, and make low ball offers.

Remember when entering a property to not push or shove, and please keep your patience while waiting in line.

Estate sale companies do not own the items in the sale. They represent sellers or heirs and have a fiduciary with them to sell the goods at the best possible price. It won’t help you to say “I’ll give you…”.  Please ask if they offer a discount.

Estate liquidators do not need verbal abuse. Cussing, shouting, and constant condescending statements or discussion about pricing is uncalled for. Estate liquidators are knowledgeable and experienced business people.  An estate sale company can and probably will ask you to leave and not return to any of their future sales. This results in you losing your purchase. Estate sale companies communicate with each other about difficult buyers so please, be courteous and don’t risk being turned away from estate sales in your area.

Estate sales should be fun, save you money, and present an opportunity to own items you might not otherwise be able to purchase so as you attend sales this week and every week maintaining estate sale etiquette is beneficial and good public relations for you, the buyer.

Estate Sale Companies Working Through Events and Storms

1951 buickWith the start of the last week of January estate sale companies are busy and contending with several different events.

This coming weekend is the Super Bowl. Estate sale companies that we have spoken with are proceeding with their sales. With the Super Bowl starting later than normal in Arizona this should not affect most of the country. A few west coast liquidators that have sales will be closing in mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, February 14th, but all the liquidators we heard from indicated that this would not impede their sales and some even planned to make the day festive with treats for buyers.

We are grateful to all the estate sale companies that responded to us and shared how they are working with these various events.

The storm affecting the east and mid-Atlantic coast today will have an influence on traveling for staging sales and keeping appointments, but the more important affect will be how well the communities and municipalities clear their local roads of snow to allow for entrance to sales on Thursday and Friday. This is one of the primary reasons that estate sale companies that conduct liquidations in any area where snow or ice may be a consideration should include a paragraph in their contract with sellers clearly stating who is responsible for the plowing and/or shoveling of snow as well as the treatment of walkways and driveways to dissolve and slippery areas.

Estate Sales ThrowBack Thursday – Vintage, Antique, Designer, New

The fourth Thursday in January and once again time for ThrowBacks. Estate Sales, however, present throwbacks every day they are open. Vintage, antique, designer, and new are ever present at most estate liquidations.

Estate Sales News takes a look at what’s coming up for sale.

deco bargo cart




vintage brass cash registerWallace Sterling flatware





Vintage sewing machinesaxaphone






Check out these websites for thousands of estate sales.


Shop Estate Sales For Valentine’s Day – Tell Someone Their Special

The first big shopping day for 2015 is one month from tomorrow. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about candy and flowers anymore.

Looking for a way to let your loved one know how special they are? If you didn’t start last weekend start this weekend, checking out estate sales. You can find unique, collectible, vintage, antique, designer, or rare gifts and demonstrate how truly important that person is to you. Here are just a few suggestions. There are hundreds of thousands of items to purchase at estate sales across the country. Online “window shopping”.  We suggest you look at these websites. EstateSales.NET,,, and Photos and descriptions can be reviewed and you can plan ahead which estate sales to visit. If you are an estate sale company now is the time to start promoting your sales for this very special day.















ThrowBack Thursday For Estate Sales – Vintage IBM Computer For Sale

vintage IBM computer

All of us that write about estate sales, estate sale companies, estate sale listing websites, along with sellers and buyers use laptops, tablets, desktops, and other computer equipment. Most is not “vintage”.

Your editors’ first computer was a Gateway desktop (it truly took up most of the desk) that worked only in black and white and DOS. What a long way we have come to now even our smartphones. Here’s a throwback from a sale taking place starting, Saturday, January 10th in Georgetown, TX being conducted by The Gypsy Junk Lady Estate Sales that we found on EstateSales.Net.