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Estate Sale Company Reviews – What To Ask

reviewsABC World News recently covered a story on the number of fake reviews (about 30% of reviews) being posted on the Internet by companies that paid the reviewer (in the case of the one on ABC a 17 year old girl who was paid an average of $4.00/review). They did not mention nor does Estate Sales News contend that these reviews were about estate sale companies, however, reviews for any business are important.

When trying to determine the estate sale company to hire reviews are important and we encourage perspective sellers to research the internet for reviews, however, we also encourage sellers to ask to speak to at least one or more former clients. Most (not all) former clients are willing to speak to perspective sellers for an estate sale liquidator for at least a few months after a sale. As a former estate liquidator we still have one or two after many years that would speak to perspective sellers.

Reviews or testimonials are very important. They speak to the way the estate sale company dealt with the seller, conducted the sale, paid out the proceeds, and whether they left the premises as agreed to in the contract.

Looking For Estate Sale Companies? Estate Sales News Your Online Resource

When looking for estate sale companies there are several things to consider.

  • When looking on estate sale listing site see what the site can offer in assistance to you.
  • Choose several companies in your area if possible to research.
  • Do they have any poor reviews or open issues with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Once you have completed your review on the internet start by calling some estate liquidators.
  • If you do not get a response from an estate sale company within a reasonable time perhaps you should choose to speak with another company. Estate sale companies are almost always busy, but they should be able to respond to new business (perspective sellers) and buyers (some companies do not accept phone calls from buyers only emails, but that should be noted on their website) during the course of a day. 

Estate Sales News will be offering information on many areas of the estate sales process during the course of the autumn when once again the estate liquidations are in greater numbers.

We suggest you start by looking at estate sale listing sites. EstateSales.Net is the largest and oldest and with their new release coming out shortly this should make this an even better and friendlier experience. Other sites you can review are and

Happy Labor Day from Estate Sales News


Estate Sale Companies – Keeping up with trends, news, and competition

Estate Sales News has written in the past about keeping websites fresh, but there is more to be considered.

Keeping up on what’s happening in the estate liquidation business is important too. New websites appear on the Internet every day with new competitors. An estate sale company needs to stay current not just on prices, and trends, but what their competition is doing. The reason is because every time another estate sale company emerges it cuts into their share of the pie (customer base) and that can effect the amount of sales made at a liquidation and also the prices realized at the sale.

Watching how estate sales companies market their sales and where they advertise is also important. Do they use print media as well as the internet. There are several sites available to them to list their estate sales on, i.e. EstateSales.Net, and being the most well widely recognized estate sale listing sites. Do they post photos on the Internet other than on their own website.

It is important to note that if a website is not well or fully optimized for search engines, particularly Google, the website may not be seen and the choice to not list photos on major websites that are visible to search engines can impede the results of the sale.

When you are interviewing estate sale companies, ask to see their advertising and list where they post their sales. Ideally an estate liquidator should use all sources available to them to reach a maximum audience. It’s in the seller’s best interest as well as the estate sale company’s best interest to obtain the largest audience possible for the best financial result for all parties.

Estate Sales and Holiday Weekends!

Estate Sales News keeps in contact with several estate sales companies across the country to keep a pulse on what the trends are, hot topics, new marketing being used and many other items. One topic that comes up right now because of the approaching weekend is conducting estate sales on holiday weekends.

With Labor Day next Monday, the question is what to do. Most estate sale companies I have spoken with are confident and comfortable running an estate sale over Labor Day weekend, however, it does depend on your area. 

In areas where people are having their last turn at the beach, many companies will wait a week. It is sometimes very difficult to get the attention of vacationers enjoying their final summer weekend. This can be seen up and down the east coast in some towns and cities.

It is not as much an issue on the west coast although it can be seen in a few areas.

The decision whether to conduct a sale on a holiday like Labor Day should be made in consultation with the estate sale company based on their prior experience in the town.

Almost all estate liquidation companies will not conduct estate sales over Christmas and Easter. They will, however, work sales on other religious holidays and during other religions observances. So much depends on the community.

One of the important questions to ask when interviewing an estate liquidator is what their preferences are and why.

Choosing your estate sale company wisely is $$$ in your pocket

esate sales Estate Sales News continually reviews the websites listing estate sales and we have noticed that some estate sales companies stand out from others, not necessarily for all the right reasons so let’s take another look at what to look for with an estate liquidator.


  • Does the estate sale company have any bad reviews posted that were not responded to?
  • Does the estate sale company keep their website up to date and fresh or will you find sales from a month a go or more still listed. Even though a company is busy, their website, which is how you found them also attracts buyers. Stale websites bring into question what else may fall to the wayside?
  • How many estate sales can a company handle and if many who is actually running the sales? Does the estate sale company have oversight or just collect the commission due at the end. Who’s handling the money taken in at the sale especially if the owner or owners aren’t present. Questions to be asked on an interview. It is your money and this is business even in a sad time for a family.
  • What kind of staff does the company supply? Were they really experienced in estate liquidation or just unemployed individuals needing work or extra cash. Experience is necessary in order to provide knowledge and good customer service.
  • Does the estate sale company your interviewing sell to staff prior to the sale? That could seriously impact the dollars you might receive for the item. Be sure to ask. You’re paying them to work for you so hold them accountable.
  • One more thought is what happens when the sale is over? Clean up or out, pay out or settle up and would you recommend them to anyone else.

Estate Sales News is your resource for news and information.



Estate sale set-up or staging – check out perspective estate sale companies

StagingMonday’s Estate Sales News front page is about set-up or staging.

It is a form of marketing and very important for motivating perspective buyers to set-up or stage the estate sale in a way that makes buyers want to go beyond the front door. Just as department stores have display window designers and the entrance into the store is staged with products of interest, color, or whatever it is they are selling, the same applies to the estate sale.

It is the last marketing tool of the estate sale company available to them to attract you to buy something. If you want to have an estate sale, why not visit some of the sales in your area to look at how the estate liquidation company conducting the sale has set them up.

When dealers enter a sale, they have a different perspective and purpose, but the buyer who walks in without a specific purchase in mind needs to be enticed.

Many times estate sale companies will showcase their small and valuable items for security and curiosity near the entrance. Other estate sale companies will use a room away from the entrance to keep the people flow as efficient as possible. Either is correct, but knowing how to create height, depth, color, and interest is important.

Flat surfaces without any elevation especially near windows can have people looking past the items for sale out into the scene outside. They may miss something of interest and the estate sale company may miss a sale. Of course, you can’t stack items consistently on top of one another, but creating a small area of height to catch the buyer’s eye is important, just as creating colors that flow together and compliment each other.

set-upIt’s not just about table covers and plate racks anymore. It’s about designing for the sale and with competition stiff among estate sales companies with so many sales in many market areas, staging is now more important than ever. Selling the sale and keeping the people coming is important for the financial success of sellers and estate sales companies.

Estate sale companies – do you charge tax during a tax free week?

Estate Sales News wants to know what happens in your state during the sales tax free week most states have before school starts. If you are an estate sale company do you have to collect sales tax even during tax free week. Please email and let us know what state your in and what you have to do.

The Estate Sale Contract Review – questions to be asked & answered

questions and answers


This Monday we would like to review some of the important areas in an estate sale contract. It is one of the most requested pages in our news magazine.



  • Duplicate contracts – for the benefit of the seller and the estate sale company you should have two contracts with you so that when the contract is signed both parties have a completed contract exactly the same.
  • Dates of sale – both sellers and estate liquidators should make sure the dates chosen will work for both and that there isn’t anything going on in the community that could detract or impair the sale (such as a community festival, town wide garage sales, etc. unless it is necessary or you choose to proceed without concern).
  • Who is going to run the sale – if you are using a company that conducts more than one sale at a time you should ask the estate liquidator you are interviewing to introduce you to the person who will be in charge of the sale and put that person’s name on the contract as well. This should be done before you sign the contract or at the least at the signing of the contract. Signing up with liquidator X and an employee Y shows up to stage, price and run the sale without your prior knowledge or consent can be unsettling (no surprises and you can decide ahead if you feel comfortable with that individual and with that arrangement).

Estate sales – what do you want to know about?

emailEstate Sales News is always looking for interesting estate news and providing informative articles. We would like our readers (sellers, buyers, and estate sales companies) to email us about what you want to know more about or discuss. Please share your ideas and questions.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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