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Estate Sale Of 1000+ Antique & Collectible Dolls, A Treasure Trove

Estate Sales News spoke last week with Sharon Hardison of Sharon L. Hardison And Associations Estate Liquidation Services.

Sharon told us that she started her estate sale business in southern Maryland before moving to Florida many years ago. She works with a number of local attorneys and real estate agents as well as some of the New York City auction houses.

The owner of this fantastic collection was the President of the Venice Florida Doll Club and left her home overflowing with a variety of doll collections along with gold, sterling, antique and vintage wall clocks, vintage furs, antique handbags, glass, a U-Haul truck with clear title,  china, vintage cookie jar collection, many Russian pieces and the list goes on.

Estate Sales News presents a brief slide presentation of this extraordinary news worthy sale. Sharon told Estate Sales News that she has people coming from as far away as California.

HERE IS THE LINK to the estate sale on EstateSales.NET. This sale is nationally advertised.

Why Hire A Professional Estate Liquidator? Help Prevent Theft

esate sale moneyWKRG from Mobile, AL and reporter Blake Brown recently covered an estate sale robbery conducted during the estate sale.

Professional estate sale liquidators are keenly aware of the problems that can occur at estate sales and the most important one is theft. Knowing what and who to watch for, suspicious behavior, keeping money safe as it accumulates during the sale, all of this is part of the job of the professional estate sale liquidator.

Although there are many books and videos available about how to conduct your own estate sale, for so many reasons, not the least of which is theft protection is a great reason to hire a professional estate sale company with experience and references.

It isn’t just about locked show and display cases. In today’s world understanding peoples behavior is also important. Knowing how to keep the money collected secure and protected is paramount.

It would be prudent to ask during a phone interview or face to face interview if the company has ever encountered a theft issue and how they handle it.

Click Here for link to video and article by Blake Brown from WKRG


A Holiday Week – What Happens With Estate Sales

Tonight starts Passover, Friday is Good Friday for and Sunday is Easter. This is truly a week of religious holidays and observance and with their importance comes the question of holding estate sales.

Many companies observe these holidays and as the result do not hold estate sales during this week.

Others do not and some feel that it can present them an opportunity to conduct an estate sale with those that are not observant.

The decision is a spiritual and economic one depending on the company and area.

Today would be a good time to check out the estate sale listing sites if you wish to attend sales this weekend to see if any will be in your area.

Take at look at



Estate Sale To Feature Coronation Crowns – West Hills CA

Estate Sales News visited a news worthy estate sale in West Hills, CA being conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales this week April 4-6, 2014. Included in this packed sale featuring many different collections are two coronation crowns from Princess Victoria Patricia, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Also included in this sale are collections of Indian jewelry and native American items, art, brilliant cut glass, sterling silver tea service and collection of sterling spoons, orientalia, huge Christopher Radko ornament collection (from when Mr. Radko owned the company), antiques, and many other collections.

Here is a video taken at the home while the staging of the sale was still in progress.

Our appreciation to the Munyons for allowing us to video this upcoming sale.

Click here for a link to the sale on EstateSales.NET

Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments – West Hills, Ca Estate Sale

Munyon and Sons Estate Sales will be having an estate sale next week, April 4-6 from 9am-pm in West Hills, CA. We visited Will and Michelle last week on our California trip to see this amazing collection of 1000+ Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments as well as the two Coronation Crowns from the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Today we are featuring the video of only the Christmas room in this West Hills home. Monday Estate Sales News will feature a video of the Crowns and much more included in this packed estate sale.

This news worthy sale is just part of the resources you will find here on

Innovative Advertising For Estate Sale Companies

Estate Sales News had an opportunity last week to speak with Jackie Wise, co-owner of Crown City City Estate Sales that works in Los Angeles and southern CA. Your editor first met and interviewed Jackie at an estate sale in Reseda, CA in June 2013 where she was selling off the contents in a home of a man who had owned a lighting store on La Brea.  The video of the sale can be viewed in Estate Sales News archives for June 2013.

Jackie’s front page of her website is innovative, informative and friendly to perspective sellers. Along with company information and services, she has updated written testimonials including a photo of a handwritten one and a new twist that only some companies have used – a video interview with a past seller. It literally speaks to someone looking for information and an opinion about the job done by Crown City Estate Sales.

With Jackie’s permission we are featuring below as an example the current video on her front page from one of her sellers.

Many estate sale companies across the country are utilizing innovative ways to get their message out perspective clients in their communities. If you are an estate sale company and are using new and innovative ideas please let Estate Sales News know. We would like to hear from you and perhaps arrange to visit and interview you. You can contact us at


Spring Has Arrived – Estate Sales Are Blooming Everywhere

Bouganvilla treeSpring arrived yesterday and estate sales are popping up everywhere.

Just take a look at southern California, central Florida, Chicago, northern New Jersey, Dallas TX metro, Michigan, and so many other places. These are just a few with many estate liquidators working 7 days a week and many having two sales a weekend booked into late April and some even early May.

This is your opportunity to refurbish, add, save, or just give yourself some welcome relief from the  winter blues.

Check out these estate sale listing websites.


To name just a few. Many not all estate sale companies may be listed on all of these sites.

So if it’s Friday – IT MUST BE ESTATE SALES!

Marvin Gaye’s Passport Included In Estate Sale Reported By ABC News

ABC News reported that on a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow a man that attended an estate sale in Detroit, bought an album by Mr. Gaye and discovered when he got it home tucked inside was Mr. Gaye’s passport. Marvin Gaye was shot and killed in 1984.

The gentleman took it to the Roadshow when it was in Detroit and when it was shown to Memorabilia pro Laura Woolley she advised the new owner to insure the expired passport for $20,000. A rare find.

This is not the first time an exceptional find has been the result of a purchase at an estate sale. Estate Sales News reported in 2013 the purchase by a couple a few years ago at a tag sale of a Chinese bowl for $3.00 that turned out to be over 1,000 years old and it sold at auction for $2.2 million.

You never know what you will find (many times by accident) at an estate sale.

Estate Sales News reminds our audience that if you are being affected by winter storm PAX monitor the sales in your area and remember that more than likely they will be extended or rescheduled and your safety is very important.

Estate Sale, Mid-Century Modern – Voiceover Actor Of Robot In Lost In Space, Studio City, CA


Mid-century sofaEstate Sales News had a telephone interview yesterday with Alla, owner of Paragon Estate Sales who is conducting the estate sale for Richard Norton “Dick” Tufeld an actor, announcer, narrator and voice actor whose career started in the 1940’s and who in the 1960’s was the voice of the robot in TV’s Lost In Space “warning, warning” with June Lockhart and Guy Williams. He spent three decades as the voice of ABC daytime programming and Disney television shows including Zorro and The Julie Andrews Show. He also did the narration voiceover for Irwin Allen productions including Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

In 1952 he commissioned architect Gregory Ain to design his Studio City home. It was built, furnished, and decorated in mid-century modern.

Here is a link to this distinctive mid-century sale starting January 11th-12th in Studio City.