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ThrowBack Thursday – Real Life Rosie Riveters – American War Heroes

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

“We Can Do It”  – Our tribute to all the Rosie Riveters and the passing of the model for Norman Rockwell’s Rosie – Mary Doyle Keefe.  Thank you all from Estate Sales News.

Estate Sale Topics Past, Present, And Future on Estate Sales News

Estate Sales NewsApril 1, 2015 and with new additions and features. Estate Sales News offers topics we have written about in the past, present, and future. What you need to know. This list is for sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. If you have a topic you would like us to report on just email us at

Advertising – From estate sale listing sites, SEO, social media, brochures, email lists, signs, & more

Animals – dealing with pet stains and odors etc.

Antiques – where to learn, how to know and understand (gesso for example)

Appraisals – It is more than USPAP, understand what it is, who they are, and the many associations

Art – A general discussion on where to learn more

Auctions – Online, on site, and the difference between an estate sale and how they can work together

Baby Boomers – companies that specialize in educating liquidators that work with those moving to assisted living, elderly parents, and downsizing

Bonding – what is it, the different types

Books – First additions to comics and where to find information

Buyers – Advertising for them, etiquette, number system, negotiating, working with them

Choosing an estate sale company it’s not so simple anymore (a printable list to assist you in the process)

Clients – Estate sellers, working with expectations and realities, a helping hand and more…

Clean outs – Who will and won’t, what to expect and fees

Clothing – Vintage or new

Conferences – 2013 and 2014 estate sale conferences

Consignments – what, why, and when they may be useful

Downsizing – decisions to be made including, don’t throw anything out until you talk to a liquidator

Education – Online eduction to apprenticing, society’s to belong to

Estate sales – Understanding what they are, and the process

Estate sale Contracts – What are the basics and what you should know.

Estate sale costs – commissions, fees, how and why what is charged

Estate sale listing websites – who, what they offer, where to find them on the internet

Ethics – Checking for reviews, doing your due diligence to choose an estate sale company

Growing your audience – so many sites that you can participate on to increase visibility on the internet

Insurance – Liability, why it is important, who needs it, where it can be found

Ivory – New United States rules and concerns in various states about the sale (will be updated as needed)

Jewelry – fine, vintage, costume, gold, silver, testing, weighing, and in general

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, reddit, and Instagram, why it is important and how to use it effectively. This is a frequent topic on

Taxes – an on going topic about estate taxes and sales taxes in different states.

ThrowBack Thursdays – we look back at items of the past including photos

Videos – News worthy estate sales and video chats.

What’s selling at estate sales

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New Features & Advertisers Announced in Video on Estate Sales News Starting April 1

Estate Sales News is excited to share the new features and advertisers joining us starting tomorrow, April 1st here on the Front Page.

Our newest advertiser is a website that lists over 3500 estate sale companies (and growing) and advertises estate sale companies, estate sales, tag sales, and moving sales. They offer free email notifications of the estate sales on their website and are based out of Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania.

Our new monthly guest author is Judy Martin, ISA CAPP from Wheaton, IL. Judy wrote the article that is part of Estate Sales News about what is USPAP! She is the past President of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), a nationally known appraiser and speaker and she along with her daughter Kate offer ISA appraisals, estate liquidations and own a high end consignment shop, The Perfect Thing in Wheaton.

Estate Sales News will also be offering estate sale companies only SEO consultation and a tab to access this information needed is on the top right side of our Front Page.

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We are passionate about estate sales and the estate sale industry and we thank you for being part of our audience.

Estate Sales And The Upcoming Holiday Weekend

IMG_2213Holidays are always challenging for estate sale companies, however, this weekend Passover starts and Good Friday are on the same day and Sunday is Easter.

For the millions of Jews and Christians in this country these holidays are very important on a variety of levels including being with family or friends.

Many estate sale companies will conduct liquidations on Friday and Saturday, however, Sunday seems to be a slow day in many areas.

Checking out the major estate sale listing websites, the larger metro areas appear to have many sales for Friday and Saturday. Smaller more rural areas appear to have fewer sales.

Once this weekend passes, Spring estate sales will resume with a fever pitch for all those moving, downsizing, or needing to sell off the contents of an estate. Baby boomers are on the move.

There is a lot of news coming in the next few weeks about the estate sales business. Be sure your are registered or subscribe to Estate Sales News. The tab is on the left side of our Front Page. It’s free, no obligation, you can choose the topics your interested in or just receive any newly published article right to your in box and you can opt out at any time. Just news to keep you informed.

Don’t miss our video tomorrow about the new features and advertisers coming to on Wednesday, April 1st. We’re excited and we hope you are too.

Video Interview Judith Martin, ISA, CAPP About Estate Sales

Estate Sales News traveled to the Morgan Park section of Chicago on Tuesday to meet and speak with nationally Judy Martin, a certified appraiser ISA, CAPP, long time estate liquidator and owner of The Perfect Thing, a high end consignment shop in Wheaton, Il. She is a Director of the ISA (International Society of Appraisers) past president 2009-2011, she was a lead instructor for them as well.

Next week she will be conducting an estate sale in Morgan Park for the estate of Jack and Marjorie Simmerling. Jack Simmerling was a well known Chicago artist and he and his wife had many interesting collections. Here is part one of our interview.

Video Discussion About Estate Sale Contract Session At Conference

This video chat is about the session we will moderate about estate sale contracts at the 2014 Memphis Estate Sale Conference starting in two weeks sponsored by EstateSales.Net. The video was done in a hotel lobby so please accept my apologies for the sun glare.

Video Discussion On The Face To Face Estate Sale Company Interview

Conducting a face to face interview with estate sale companies. Important questions & details.

  • Be sure you have paper and pen on the table to take notes during the interview.
  • When you arrange for the face to face interview with estate sale companies leave plenty of room between the interviews so that one company doesn’t bump into another. Better for them and for you.
  • After introductions show the liquidator through your home and explain what your reason for the sale is. Be sure to let them know if there are items that will not be for sale. An estate sale company has to know if the sale is viable for them as well.
  • After completing the walk thru sit down at a table for the face to face discussion.
  • Start by asking the estate liquidator how they got started in the liquidation business, how long they have been in business, where they gained their experience and do they have any certifications.  If you are not speaking with the owner of the estate sale company, let them know you will want to do this face to face before making a decision. You should know who you are dealing with.
  • Ask them about their staff, i.e. training (did they train them or someone else), experience,  number of them, can they increase staff for larger sales, and do they allow their staff to buy before the sale starts.
  • Be sure to inquire in depth about their advertising. Do they use print media, have their own website, where do they list their sales, do they utilize social media and how, and do they have an email list of followers to send out news of sales every week or time they hold one. Advertising directly effects your financial bottom line.
  • It’s time to review the estate sale contract that the company uses. Be sure you review line by line with the estate sale company and ask about any concerns or questions you have.
  • The estate sale company should bring copies from the internet of prior sales (easily printed off most listing sites or their website) to showcase their work. It helps to see their photos and the prior sales they have run. If they don’t bring anything along ask them to come back with some examples of their sale. A brochure is great, but it is an advertising tool.
  • Ask them for telephone numbers of some of their previous clients so that you can speak with them.
  • And when it is time for the interview to end, review in your mind how you felt about the person you just spoke with. You can continue with these thoughts after you’ve said your goodbyes. Did you have a good rapport, did you feel trusting, did they seem reliable and knowledgeable, and did they demonstrate experience.

All of this information is help you be an informed, educated, and well savvy consumer.

Looking For An Estate Sale Company? Video Chat With Estate Sales News

Today we start video discussion about choosing an estate sale company.

We hope you gain information from this video. Please email us at

This discussion will continue, but we hope this is a start.

Estate Sales News First Video Chat Of 2014, Estate Sales Information & Tips

Estate Sales News would like to introduce you to the first of our weekly chats here on the internet. As you’ll see we’ll be discussing all aspects of estate sales and the estate sales business. We are always looking to make Estate Sales News your source for information, tips, and estate sale guidance. Welcome to our first weekly chat.