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Estate Sales Great Place To Shop For Halloween

Once again we are getting ready for one of the most fun, holidays of the year – Halloween

Halloween collectors already have their pieces out and we hope to have some contribute some photos to us before the 31st and costume creations are underway. Even your editor is in the spirit with Betty Boop in progress.

Here are some estate sales that we took a quick look at that you may want to spend time reviewing with vintage and new costumes and vintage clothing too.

Here from Frankie Steinz the contents of a Halloween and Masquerade shop  in Rochester, New York starting on Friday Oct. 23rd. Click here for pictures & information







In Chicago from Enchanted Attic is an estate sale that starts on Oct. 24. Click here for photos & information.







Estate sales are great places to find costumes or clothing and accessories to make into costumes.

Retro Is Making A Big Come Back In Cassette Tapes & Vinyl

Next time you are shopping at an estate sale keep your eyes alert for cassette tapes and vinyl records.

In the last few weeks cassette tapes have received a lot of attention.

Urban Outfitters has been selling vinyl records to collectors and now they are selling cassette tapes from numerous artists. Urban Outfitters is not only selling new cassette tapes, but also the boom boxes to play them on. You can read more about it in this article written by Sharelle M. Burt

Bobby Owinski of Music 3.0 also wrote an article on the return of the cassette tape. In it he provides more information from the National Audio Company.

The video below about the National Audio Company is from Bloomberg Business.

Fascinating that what was old is now “new” again. Watch for them at the next estate sale you attend.

What’s Selling At Estate Sales – Antique Horse Carriages!

Antique carriages and sleighs are highly sought after and starting today in Bear Valley Springs, CA is quite a collection conducted by Sheridans Consignment and Estate Sales Services. Here are a few of the carriages for sale.





To view more about this unusual estate sale click on the link below.

100 + McCoy Cookie Jars – ThrowBack Thursday

It’s ThrowBack Thursday on Crown City Estate Sales will be conducting an estate sale in Palm Desert, CA October 23, & 24. There are over 100 McCoy cookie Jars. Very collectible. This jar is not for sale, but a sample of what is in this sale.



Estate Sales Friday – Where Are You Shopping?

Estate Sale sign

Estate sale buyers are already in line as this article gets published.

Yesterday was the start of a packed house sale by Estate Escape in Huntingtown, MD., military, sterling, gold, boats, tractor etc. Here is a link to this fabulous sale click here.






Magical Mystery Tour estate sale by Kissing It All Goodbye Estate Sales LLC in Farmers Branch, TX starts today. Click here for the link.







Wherever your headed today be sure you have your estate sale kit, including flashlight, water, latex gloves, magnifying glass or loop, boxes and bags, newspaper or tissue paper for wrapping, and patience.

Estate Sales News is passionate about estate sales. Happy buying.

Value – Understanding It, Research, Estate Sale Companies

MC900433850Estate sale liquidators spend a lot of their time researching the value of items included in estate sales. Where do they do their research?

Many sellers today like to look up what they consider the value of items that will be in their estate sale. Unfortunately, most do not understand what value is or how it is determined. Simply put value, is the amount a buyer is willing to pay for an item (and is usually determined by recent sales of similar items). It is is very important for a good working relationship between seller and the estate liquidator that sellers understand how an estate sale company arrives at value.

Many factors influence value including demographics (the market in California is very different from the market in Michigan), condition (an item in excellent condition will bring a greater return than an item that is just in good condition, and the time of year is a consideration as well. It isn’t what an item is listed for sale on eBay, lstdibs, AuctionZip, or many other auction or selling sites. Unless items appear in the sold column the current items shown are working with asking prices.

If you are looking at eBay remember, that listing prices don’t count, you must be a member of eBay to access the sold items, and you also have to see whether it completed the auction process or if it was a “buy it now” item. Knowledge is your friend as a seller and helps keep the process moving forward smoothly. Respect the professional you hire, trust their judgement unless you really can show strong evidence to the contrary.

Almost all estate sale companies bring iPads or tablets to the estate sale setup to conduct research. Items that they have not sold recently or may not be as familiar with will be researched. The experienced estate liquidator has a wealth of knowledge, but always trying to keep your best interest in the forefront won’t hesitate to recheck values.

They may also consult an appraiser with a specialty for the rare and unique items such as antique books, lighting (such as Tiffany and Handel) glass such as Loetz or Daum Nancy, and other highly valuable and rare items. There are also many estate liquidators that are also accredited appraisers studied and trained not only in determining value, but in the many ways to research such as ISA, ASA, and CAGA. See our archives for more information on appraisal organizations. Our guest author Judy Martin, ISA, CAPP for instance. (Judy is on a long hiatus at this time).

Today Starts Breast Cancer Month – We Remember Our Women Estate Sale Conductors


Thousands of estate sale companies are owned and operated by women and October 1st is the start of breast cancer awareness month. will be posting a pink ribbon next to each article to remember those lost, those that are currently battling the disease, and those who may face a battle in the future if we don’t find a cure. It isn’t just a womans’ disease though anymore.

For Throwback Thursday here on EstateSalesNews from the 1960s-1970s bangle bracelets by a designer for sale in California this weekend.


From a sale this weekend in Seattle, WA a collection of mini sewing machines.


Estate Sales Friday – Are You Shopping At An Estate Sale?

printable-estate-sale-signOnce again the weekend begins with thousands of estate sales across the country.

Are you shopping at an estate sale? Good buys, quality, going green, are just a few of the reasons to shop at estate sales. In some states you don’t even pay sales tax.

It may not be new, but it has lasted, can be used as is, or repurposed, and it can save you $$$$. Eat out on the money you save, see a movie. Opportunities abound.

Click on the links to find estate sales listed in your area. Please let the estate sale companies know you found them on, your #1 source for estate sale information, news, and resources.


Vintage License Plates To Celebrate Travel on Labor Day


Throwback Thursday at Estate Sales News.

The Stock Market In Chaos The Best Place To Buy Is An Estate Sale








As I sit and listen to CNBC’s the Closing Bell Wrap Up with Kelly Evans, and Bill Griffeth this Monday, discussing the upheavals of the stock market and the uncertainty associated with it, Ms. Evans commented that most people are not going into a Nordstrom (a high end retailer) right now looking for shoes. They are concerned with their portfolios. The graphic above is used with the permission of Microsoft.

Ms. Evans and Mr. Griffeth are absolutely right unless the wealth one has is infinite.

That is just another good reason to be shopping now more than ever at estate sales. Last week in Chicago Gucci, Coach, Judith Leiber, and other designer handbags were being sold at an estate sale well below full retail price. Jewelry, both gold and silver were also being sold. Designer clothing was featured at several sales across the country.

Whether your looking for designer apparel, kitchen dishes and glassware, lawn care equipment, linens, art, furnishings, and many other items you can find them for sale at an estate liquidation and right now with the market in flux this is a great time to save $$$ and help keep the planet green. It also still allows you the opportunity to buy those sought after items with out the guilt of paying retail while the stock market rides a roller coaster.

2-t_002Here is a sample starting “today” in Clinton Township MI. Gucci, Michael Kors, Louis Vitton, Prada, & Burberry hand bags and more. Click here for link.



1-t_051Starting August 27th in Sacramento, CA next to a modern washer and dryer. Click here





Starting tomorrow in Scottsdale AZ – Everything including the kitchen sink including Central Air Unit to Hot Water Heater Click here.