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Estate Sale Video Part 2 with Judy Martin – Chicago Historic Home

Here is part two of our interview from last week with Judy Martin, ISA, CAPP at the Simmerling estate in the Morgan Park area of Chicago. The sale beings Thursday, August 14 and concludes on the 16th.

In this video Judy will describe many of the collections for sale and what has happened to values of many items. When we visited Judy the staging of the estate sale was a work in progress.

Here is a link to Judy Martin’s website for more information on her, her company’s services and The Perfect Thing Shop in Wheaton, IL.

Estate Sales Friday – What You Can See And Learn

Estate Sale signEstate Sales News has received many comments on our part one interview with Judy Martin, ISA, CAPP. Our dialogue will continue with Judy on Monday where she takes us on a tour of the home in Morgan Park Chicago. It should be pointed out that this sale was in the process of staging, cleaning, and hadn’t been priced. It provides a good perspective about the work it takes to prepare for an estate sale.

When you walk into an estate sales today take the time to look around at how it’s been staged, whether the items have been cleaned, and if the electronics have been tested. Remember that the items sold at estate sales are usually sold as is and most estate sale companies have a no return no refund policy.

There are thousands of estate sales across the country starting today. If you’re looking for items, this is a great source. If you are interested in having an estate sale and finding a liquidator go check out your local sales to see how they are handled and who impressed you.

Judy Martin’s video on Monday.

If it’s Friday, it’s estate sales.

Estate Sales News Will Be In Chicago Tomorrow With Judith Martin

Judith Martin, ISA CAPPTomorrow Estate Sales News is traveling to Chicago to interview and visit nationally known ISA appraiser Judy Martin. We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Martin at the estate sale conference in St. Louis in 2013. Her article on USPAP always available here on

Judy and Kate Martin are the owners of The Perfect Thing, an upscale consignment boutique in Wheaton, IL and also conduct estate sales and appraisals.

We will be visiting them in Morgan Park, the historic Chicago Home of for the upcoming estate sale of the collections of John (Jack) and Marjorie Simmerling. Jack Simmerling was a well known Chicago artist.

Here is a video done last year for Windy City Live with Judy. We will have more on Judy and this fascinating sale upon our return from Chicago.

What Are You Buying At Estate Sales? What You Should know

A writer from the Huffington Post earlier this year wrote an article about the five items you should buy at an estate sale and three items you shouldn’t.

The big items they said you shouldn’t buy are large appliances. Their explanation was because you can’t test them.

Many estate sale companies test electrical appliances before they are sold. Unlike buying a new appliance they rarely come with a warranty and are usually sold as is, however, most liquidators will let you test the appliance for that reason. They cannot control how you move the appliance or the way it is maneuvered into it’s new location.

One of the reasons it is important to have electricity at the estate sale property is to test appliances from toasters to washers and all in between.

We recommend that you decide in advance of attending an estate sale whether you want to purchase an appliance that will be sold “as is”. It could last 10 years or 10 hours. Most important is to understand that purchases at most estate sales are as is and final. The estate sale company does not have a history on most appliances so all they can do ask the seller and allow you to try it out.

Many a good buy is had at an estate sale so be a knowledgeable customer and know before your go.

Estate Sale Friday, Last Shopping Weekend Of July

Estate Sale signAnother month has passed and even with extreme heat in the west, storms in in the central, south and eastern part of the country estate sale companies and estate sale buyers have persevered.

Both are a hearty bunch. Staging liquidation sales in properties without air conditioning, buyers waiting to enter a sale in the sunshine and heat or pouring rain.

Shop those estate sales, save $$$, help keep our planet green and have fun.

Have a great weekend.

What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Weekend?

Here is a brief look at some of the items for sale starting today at estate sales around the United States.

antique wooden trunk





model ships





canopy bedold wicker chairs

Check Out Time After Shopping At The Estate Sale

antique cash registerThis is always an interesting subject, because depending on what area of the country you are in everyone does it differently.

For example, in central Florida, many (not all) estate sale companies have you enter through the front door and exit through the garage where you will find the cashier(s) table set up usually under a tent with computer and cash register, along with credit card receptors of some sort. Again not all do this, but it seems to be the most favored way. It keeps the flow going through the property and prevents exiting with any unpaid for items.

On that topic we will switch gears for a moment and talk about what you can or cannot take into a sale. In many large metro areas (Orlando being one) most liquidators put out several signs in the front yard letting buyers know that they will not allow large purses or pocket books inside. You lock them in your car, take your keys, glasses (if needed) loop or magnifying glass and that is all. As you select the items you wish to purchase a staff member puts them aside and they will have you exit from the property to return with your bag and wallet. At that point you have finished your shopping. If you wish to return you again lock your purse in the car and start the process again. This is done to help eliminate theft problems. Not everyone uses or needs to use this method.  It is up to the estate sale company as they are responsible for protecting the items for sale. Buyers, please remember the estate liquidator is working for the seller, not for you and as professionals they are keeping their fiduciary with their client.

In other areas of the country, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia to name a few you often enter and exit the same way, however the cashier is next to the entrance and you may expect to be asked to produce your receipt and have your bag or box checked. Again each estate sale company has their own procedure.

Keeping the flow of people going through the property orderly and protecting the items for sale is the concern of the estate sale company. If you don’t like their policy try another estate sale. They do not need to have your irritation or frustration to distract them from their assignment or cause other shoppers or the estate sale staff discomfort.

Sellers, when choosing your liquidator ask how they handle checkout and remember it depends on where you are located. There is no right or wrong way, it’s what works best for your benefit and theirs.

Friday – Estate Sales Are Everywhere, Are You Ready?

Estate Sale signThere are so many estate sales starting today it is not possible to know where to start with showing what’s out there so instead here is a quick reminder of what you should have with you if you’re shopping.

If you attend estate sales every week you probably already have your “estate sale kit” ready and maybe even keep it in the trunk of your car.

Be sure you have you route mapped out if you are attending more than one. It’s faster and safer. Include a flashlight, magnifying glass or loop, extra wrapping, some bags, boxes, cash, checkbook, and credit card.

Many estate sale companies will no longer allow large purses or pocket books in so you might want to consider using a small tummy waist bag just big enough to hold your auto keys and the items mentioned above.

Wherever you are headed today along with your excitement, please use your estate sale etiquette and treat your fellow shoppers and estate sale company staff courteously.

If it’s Friday – It’s estate sales.

What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Week

Today is the last day before some estate sales begin across the country. Some have even started today.  Several estate liquidators start on Thursday. With that in mind we want to show you some of what you might find at an estate sale this week. These items are from different estate sales across the country.

















To find these items and thousands more check out EstateSales.NET,, or

Outstanding Native American & National Geographic Photographer, Hoarder Estate Sale- Sierra Madre, CA

It isn’t very often that your editor becomes speechless, but our visit with Crown City Estate Sales at their upcoming hoarder house sale July 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st accomplished that.

Jackie and Frank Fimbres are preparing a sale for a family whose grandfather was an Indian Agent and photographer for National Geographic. The contents which date from 1909 thru the 1960’s include enormous collections of Native American artifacts, antiques, art pottery, sterling, books, and everything imaginable from  A-Z. The video you will be watching was taken after 18 days of them working morning to night and they still need several days of preparation. The house is so jammed along with the garage, out building and basement that it appears as though not much has been done. This is far from the truth. After many dumpsters were used to clear out what was unsalable, the house is still overflowing with such great to outstanding items the problem is finding the space for them. Some of the collections include thousands of butterflys, African American memorabilia, listed art work, an unbelievable button collection, cologne bottles, good china and glass, a huge number of very important negatives showing Native American life, photographs, and so on. There is even a book written in the Navajo language. This will be a once in a lifetime event and we hope that this also demonstrates the great amount of time, effort and physical labor that an estate liquidator uses to prepare for a hoarder house sale or any estate sale with extreme contents and limited space. It should be noted that Jackie has expertise in Indian artifacts.

Here is a link to Crown City Estate Sales to view and read more on this fantastic sale