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Estate Sale Friday – Buyers Obligations On Purchases

Estate Sale signJust as estate sale companies and sellers have a contract, a buyer does as well – your receipt for any purchases you make at an estate sale.

When you arrive at the sale see if they have a number or list system in place. You want to assure your entry place if they have some type of crowd control/entry system in place.

Next, take a look around for any signs posted – No Purses, No Large Purses, All Sale Final, All Sales As Is, No Returns, No Checks, etc.

When the sale begins and you enter again take a brief look around for any additional information posted. If you have any questions find the estate sale company owner, manager, or staff member and ask any questions quickly so you and they can return to business.

If you make a purchase of anything you are concerned about ask the owner/manager what the company policy is. Most times all sales are as is and final. Remember you are buying at an estate sale, not a retailer. 90% have a no return policy. Hopefully it will be printed on the receipt you receive for your purchase, however, many may not, but if the signs are posted in public sight that mean “as is” and “no returns”.

It is your obligation as a buyer to determine whether you will take the chance on the purchase you make or not. The exception is if an electronic item is said to be in working order. If the estate sale company says it has tested and works make sure they include that on your receipt. That protects you, however, that does not mean that several weeks later you can return the item. When you get it home try it out. If it still works – ” you bought it “.

Estate Sales offer great opportunities.

Next week we are visiting Port Charlotte, Fl. for a fabulous upcoming sale of jewelry.

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What’s Selling This Week At Nationally Featured Estate Sales?

Many nationally featured estate sale this week. Here is a sampling of what you can buy this week at an estate sale.

  • In Edina, MN they will be selling 1000+ pieces of costume jewelry, chandelier and lamp products, hunting and sporting goods, antique purses, designers men casual clothing, women’s fashion and more.
  • In Sacramento, CA a men’s sale that includes 1935 Ford V8, 1928 Ford Coupe, tools, trains, copper piping and canoes.
  • Wesley Heights, Northwest Washington DC, contents of a 18,000 sq.ft home including a Biedermeier chest, J. Robert Scott upholstered pieces, Baccarat and Steuben glass.

Currently in the Chicago metro area there are 258 local sales posted from April 30 – July 18. In northern New Jersey there are 136 local sales posted April 30- July 26. In the Dallas, Ft. Worth area there are also 136 local sales listed April 30 – July 26. The Detroit MI metro area has 176 sales from April 30 – June 29 and finally in metro Orlando, FL 49 sales are listed May 1 – June 14.

As you can see by the sampling above you’re more than likely to find estate sales or events happening in your area.

You still have an opportunity to buy for Mother’s day this weekend so if you want to give her something different shop at an estate sale. She’ll appreciate it.



What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Weekend? Here’s A Sample

Today is estate sale Friday so here is a sampling of items that will be for sale this weekend. These sales range from Connecticut to California. This is only a tiny sampling of what is out there. Remember Mother’s Day is May 11th. Buy that special woman something she’ll never forget. Shop at estate sales.

Mother’s Day Is May 11, Buy Her Something Special At An Estate Sale

LaliqueEstate Sale companies there is just over 2 weeks before Mother’s day. Now is the time to use every advertising resource you have to get the message out that buying a Mother’s day gift at an estate sale can make it very special.

Vintage clothing and jewelry, collectible or vintage kitchenware, linens, antiques, even vintage hats and designer purses can be bought.

Take your advertising to the next level. Utilize not only estate sale listing sites, but Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ and YouTube. Social Media is free in most cases and can reach millions.

For instance create a Pinterest board for Mother’s day for your sale. Showcase special items.

Tweet out what you’re finding as you sort through the contents.

This is also a moment to showcase your advertising capabilities and utilize this in your presentation to perspective estate sellers.

The possibilities are restricted only by your creativity.

Buyers this is your opportunity. will be writing more on this subject. Register for more great estate sale tips.

Today Is Earth Day – Go Green Buying At Estate Sales

earthToday is Earth Day. When you buy at an estate sale you  recycle, repurpose, and most important keep the earth greener.

Estate Sales News celebrates Earth Day. Shop at estate sales and keep our home green.


Good Friday And Easter Weekend The Effect On Estate Sales

With millions of people across the country observing Good Friday today and Easter on Sunday, many estate sale companies are not conducting any sales this weekend.

Monday we’ll be reporting on a newsworthy sale that will be taking place in Englewood, Fl. next weekend.

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Estate Sales News wishes our readers a weekend of joy and family.


Vintage Easter Postcards – Estate Sale Finds

As we approach Easter weekend we thought you might enjoy this video on a collection of vintage Easter cards and postcards. They were very popular during the late Victorian and Edwardian era.

Estate Sale Friday – What, Where, How, When

Estate Sale signToday is the beginning of most estate sales across the country. Some started yesterday and some will start tomorrow.

When preparing to go shopping be prepared. Print out the sales you want to attend or have them on your smart phone. Have a GPS or maps done to send you on your way. Know whether the estate sale companies you visit take cash, credit or checks.

If you are an estate sale company by now advertising is done (print, social media, and internet) everything in the property has been staged and priced. Your staff is ready, permits are on hand if necessary, bags, boxes, and paper for wrapping are in place and you are counting down to the opening of the door. Your entrance system is also in place (number system, list, etc. or nothing just as you come).

Hopefully if you have sellers or heirs they are prepared to let the estate sale professionals they hired do their job.

If you haven’t already decided what or where to go check out EstateSales.NET,, or the newer site

Whatever you decide, have fun, use estate sale etiquette and shop and save.  your online source for all things about estate sales.


Estate Sale To Feature Coronation Crowns – West Hills CA

Estate Sales News visited a news worthy estate sale in West Hills, CA being conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales this week April 4-6, 2014. Included in this packed sale featuring many different collections are two coronation crowns from Princess Victoria Patricia, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Also included in this sale are collections of Indian jewelry and native American items, art, brilliant cut glass, sterling silver tea service and collection of sterling spoons, orientalia, huge Christopher Radko ornament collection (from when Mr. Radko owned the company), antiques, and many other collections.

Here is a video taken at the home while the staging of the sale was still in progress.

Our appreciation to the Munyons for allowing us to video this upcoming sale.

Click here for a link to the sale on EstateSales.NET

Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments – West Hills, Ca Estate Sale

Munyon and Sons Estate Sales will be having an estate sale next week, April 4-6 from 9am-pm in West Hills, CA. We visited Will and Michelle last week on our California trip to see this amazing collection of 1000+ Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments as well as the two Coronation Crowns from the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Today we are featuring the video of only the Christmas room in this West Hills home. Monday Estate Sales News will feature a video of the Crowns and much more included in this packed estate sale.

This news worthy sale is just part of the resources you will find here on