What is an estate sale?

What is an estate sale?

It used to be the wording used for the liquidation of a deceased persons personal property was sold. Today it has become a generic term in most states for the liquidation of personal property whether the owners are alive or deceased. Read More »

Bonded and Insured: What it does

Bonded and Insured: What it does

When an estate sales company advertises it is bonded and insured in means they have purchased Liability Insurance and a Surety Bond. Not all companies do this. It is not a requirement in every state and is often the choice of the individual company. Read More »

What is USPAP?

What is USPAP?

USPAP is an acronym for Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice; the mandatory guidelines that govern the performance of all licensed and certified appraisers. The goal of USPAP is to promote and maintain a high level of public trust in appraisal practice by establishing requirements for appraisers. Read More »

Estate Sales Costs

Estate Sales Costs

Every estate sales company operates differently. Here is an overview of what you might encounter depending on the company. Read More »

Estate Liquidation – The Need To Know and Do List

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Estate liquidation is becoming such a huge entrepreneurial business and with thousands of companies already in the market place and more and more coming on line everyday it is time to assess how you approach having an estate sale.

We suggest the following list to follow:

  • What is an estate sale? Understand the process and what it is.
  • Where to find an estate sale company. Look at listing sites for estate sale companies.
  • What to look at and for in an estate sale company. Researching companies.
  • The telephone interview and the face to face interview.
  • Choosing the estate sale company that works for you in ethics and comfort.
  • Estate sale contract. What to look for and expect.
  • Preparing the property and letting the estate sale company do their job.
  • The sale is over and now it’s clean out and pay out time.
  • Leaving feedback on the company you used. Good, bad, or indifferent.

This is a very simplified list, but if you utilize all the resources here on Estate Sales News you should find answers to your questions and if you don’t email us at contact@estatesalesnews.com

We would like to hear from you about your experiences so please email us that too.

If it’s Friday, it’s estate sales.

Flying to Memphis Monday to cover the Estate Sale Conference so much more to come.



Having An Estate Sale And You’re Still In Your Home?

HouseOne of the more difficult situations for an estate sale company to handle is when the seller is still living in the home. You are attached to your belongings, your home appears to you to be turned upside down (so to speak) with the staging for the sale and you can’t believe some of the prices you see because you paid more than that.

Having been an estate liquidator for 25 years your Estate Sales News editor, encountered this dilemma several times. It isn’t easy for a homeowner or estate sale company, but the reality is that if you the seller have made the decision to have an estate sale and you have chosen a professional utilizing all the resources and knowledge available to you to make a wise decision you should be prepared to vacate the property and let the estate sale people do what you hired them for.

Being there only causes more stress for you with parting with items you wish you could keep or didn’t want to. A home needs to be prepared and set-up to obtain optimal results and in many instances (unless it is a valuable antique, highly collectible, rare, or unique) what you paid for most items is not going to be what they will resell for. The key word being resell. Think of it as second hand.


Video Chat About Next Week’s Estate Sale Conference In Memphis

Estate Sales News leaves for Memphis on Monday for four days and we will be reporting on the conference on site.


Estate Sales Are Evolving And The Business Isn’t Like It Used To Be

Your Estate Sales News editor started in the liquidation business in 1987. In northern New Jersey there were maybe 10 full time estate sale companies. They used newspapers for advertising their sales and 85%-95% of their business was through referrals. Mainly attorneys and Realtors. They had crews that had been working with them since the beginning and they each covered a territory even though it wasn’t ever written down or delineated. They were almost entirely women and if you were one of their regular attendees you knew how the sale was run, laid out, they would accept a personal check from almost anyone, and very few misunderstandings occurred.

That world has changed. Today new estate sale businesses open every day, they utilize the Internet far more than print media, the sales aren’t just to settle estates, and for the past several years one company started franchising the estate sale business. They make their money from selling their franchise name and other involvements with the franchisee.

It isn’t enough to rely on Realtors or attorneys for referrals. Even they research the Internet. Many companies reciprocate by monetary or other means for the referrals they receive.


Estate Sales Help – What’s Important To You?

typewriter logoIt’s Monday and one week until the 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis.

Last week we covered two important news items for the world of estate sales. The discovery of Marvin Gaye’s 1960’s Passport in a record album sold for 50 cents and the story of a San Antonio, TX estate sale company reportedly not paying sellers and bouncing checks by a Texas TV station making Google Alerts.

Doing our due diligence on the San Antonio story we followed up by looking further into the news about the estate sale company. Whenever an estate sale company receives such negative press Estate Sales News investigates to ascertain more information. We can say that the estate sale company is currently not listed on any of the major estate sale listing sites.

When you are choosing an estate sale company investigate through the Internet, BBB, and any other means at your disposal. If you know a local Realtor make a phone call. They usually have the finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally and may even be able to recommend an estate sale company.  Even with a recommendation continue researching the company. When it is time for the face to face interview you want to feel as confident as possible that the estate sale companies you are opening your door to are going to have your best interest. Remember though that this is also how they make their living so they are looking for your business. If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one you may want to have a friend or someone you know with you for their presentation. Emotions can overwhelm you and once your choice is made hopefully you will feel satisfied and the company chosen will result in a successful sale without misunderstandings.

Estate Sales News is here to help. Whether you are unsure what an estate sale is, how to get started, how to find estate sale companies, how or where to research, interviews, estate sale contracts, staging, the sale itself and the final payout and clean out we provide free information here at EstateSalesNews.com. Questions can always be sent to carol@estatesalesnews.com

Estate Sales News is your resource for information, news and national blog on the estate liquidation business.


Estate Sale Company In Texas Gets Bad TV Press – What You Need To Know

Estate Sales News receives Google Alerts several times daily and Thursday afternoon we received an alert about a Texas estate sale company that made local TV news with a video and is now circulating on the Internet.

The company is accused of many things by disgruntled sellers, but the main complaint seems to be bad net proceed checks. They bounce. Estate Sales News has not spoken with the estate sale company or any of the complainants, however, we do know from Internet research that the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has given them an F. 27 complaints have been received by them.

We strongly urge sellers to do your due diligence when searching for an estate sale company. Whatever search engines you use on the Internet search the names of the companies you are considering before you conduct your face to face interview. Make sure you ask to speak to other sellers. Ask for their phone numbers and make sure you place the telephone call. Check out the BBB, the Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Yext, and other sites that have reviews. The old adage when doubt leave out may become your mantra if the reviews are not what you expected.

Our goal at Estate Sales News is to inform, assist, and help you become a knowledgeable consumer. Please utilize our website for estate sale help, tips, guidance, and information. It’s free and we are happy to answer any questions you may have if possible. Email us at contact@estatesalesnews.com Your online resource for estate sales.


Marvin Gaye’s Passport Included In Estate Sale Reported By ABC News

ABC News reported that on a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow a man that attended an estate sale in Detroit, bought an album by Mr. Gaye and discovered when he got it home tucked inside was Mr. Gaye’s passport. Marvin Gaye was shot and killed in 1984.

The gentleman took it to the Roadshow when it was in Detroit and when it was shown to Memorabilia pro Laura Woolley she advised the new owner to insure the expired passport for $20,000. A rare find.

This is not the first time an exceptional find has been the result of a purchase at an estate sale. Estate Sales News reported in 2013 the purchase by a couple a few years ago at a tag sale of a Chinese bowl for $3.00 that turned out to be over 1,000 years old and it sold at auction for $2.2 million.

You never know what you will find (many times by accident) at an estate sale.

Estate Sales News reminds our audience that if you are being affected by winter storm PAX monitor the sales in your area and remember that more than likely they will be extended or rescheduled and your safety is very important.


Photographs for estate sales

Have you looked for estate sales on a site like EstateSales.net or Estatesales.org? Most estate sales companies take photos to encourage buyers to come to their sales. The question is do the photographs compliment the items for sale? The number of sales that can now be uploaded on many sites has gone up drastically. One recent estate sale had over 2,000 photos.

Photos should bring interest, but too many photos may cause buyers to lose interest. Like when you Google something the majority of people using the internet never get past page 1 although there may be thousands of pages on the subject.

Many times an estate liquidator will take some early photos to post on the internet to start gathering momentum for the estate sale, however, if the photos appear blurred, in multiples of the same object or of a group of cluttered items rather than a staged set-up it may not be garnishing the interest that was hoped for.

Photographs of merchandise for sale should be clear, distinguishable and not in multiples of the same object unless to show marks or condition.

dining room photoStaging your estate sale





If you are considering having a liquidation sale you might ask the estate sales companies you are interviewing to see a sample of some of their photographs or check the companies photos out on EstateSales.net, EstateSales.org, Estatesale.com or Tagsellit.com


Video Discussion About Estate Sale Contract Session At Conference

This video chat is about the session we will moderate about estate sale contracts at the 2014 Memphis Estate Sale Conference starting in two weeks sponsored by EstateSales.Net. The video was done in a hotel lobby so please accept my apologies for the sun glare.