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Don’t Sell Or Donate Anything Until You Talk A Professional Liquidator

Estate Sales NewsEstate Sales News has heard from sellers and estate sale companies about the unhappy results of selling items or making donations prior to speaking with a professional liquidator.

Many times families or individuals will not know the true value of items that can be achieved at an estate sale and they will decide they can “save some money” by not paying a commission and selling items on their own. Recently we heard a seller state with great regret that they sold a car prior to having an estate liquidator come in and the amount they received was greatly under value. They then hired an estate sale company to sell the rest of the estate.  The liquidator researched the information provided by the owner about the car and told them the value it should have brought at an estate sale. Even with paying the liquidator a commission the sellers would have received more.

One of the ways that an estate sale can generate greater financial results is the creation of a buying competition. Another very important difference is that the public feels more inclined to try hard negotiating with sellers as compared to negotiating with estate sale professionals who deal with the public weekly.

Another concern is donations. Donating to charity is always worthy, however, knowing the value of what you are donating can help you with your charitable contribution for tax purposes or prevent you from donating something of considerable value that you may wish to sell. Again working with a professional liquidator can answer many questions and concerns.

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Estate Sales News utilizes all of these various social media networks, however, we want to bring to your attention that with the weather conditions currently effecting most of the country these can also help you get the word out about your estate sale this weekend.

We have been looking a many estate sales that are being postponed for either a day or until another weekend. Keeping your staff and buyers safe is very important.

If you use newspaper advertising it is nearly impossible to get the word out this morning unless you did it yesterday, but social media is immediate.

For those that are not familiar with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) it allows you to offer your clients frequently updated blog or article information. Estate Sales News offers this for anyone at no cost. If you are an estate sale company we will also provide you with a typewriter logo for your audience to click on. Several estate liquidators currently subscribe to our RSS feed.

It is estate sale Friday, however, unless you are in an area where weather is not a hazard check with the estate sale company and more importantly check on the local road conditions and stay safe.

Vintage Christmas Ornament Collection Video

Estate Sales News is always looking to focus on what’s for sale at estate sales and right now is a great time to shop for vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations. Here is a wonderful video from Dallas Street on ornaments from the 1940’s – present. A serious collector with many in their original boxes.

If you are looking for vintage Christmas ornaments or decorations check out the following links to estate sale listing sites.





Today we celebrate a tradition that dates back more than 400 years that had it’s roots in New England and spread across America to become a tradition in all 50 states.

Estate Sales News has too many to thank people to thank individually so we thank you all for your encouragement, support, and continued readership. 

A 6pm post today to assist you with your shopping tomorrow and this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving.




Hanukkah, Thanksgiving – Holidays Create Collections

Hanukkah starts tonight and we wish all who celebrate a Happy Hanukkah. It also is one of the holidays that many people collect Judaica for. Judaica can be found at estate sales. There are three sales currently advertising Judaica on EstateSales.Net and at lease one or two taking place this weekend. Just as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween collections abound so does Judaica. To celebrate these unique and distinct collectibles we have created a Pinterest Board on our Estate Sales News Pinterest page which show a sample of items that are at estate sales.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Estate Sales News wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. No matter where you celebrate this American cultural tradition, we hope you enjoy this wonderful time. Estate Sales News will not be publishing tomorrow, but of course you can always find all of the hundreds of articles and videos we have published right here on

Check out what you and your family are using for this turkey day. Chances are there is at least one vintage item, a plate, bowl, decorative ceramic turkey, vase etc. and these items can also be found at estate sales. 

From our house to yours may your celebrations be joyful.


Estate Sales News

Charles Passy, Wall Street Journal, arts, antiques and other rarities may be an investment for you.

Charles Passy of the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch wrote this informative article. Here is a video clip. His article was entitled So You Think You Want To Invest … Stocks? Bonds? Commodities? How about putting your money into something a bit more fun. Mr. Passy discusses art, antiques and other rarities.

Estate Sales News  appreciates the ability to share this informative video with you. It has been shared with our Facebook and Twitter audience also.

Collecting Vintage and Antique Teddy Bears – Videos

Estate Sales News hopes that you will enjoy these short videos on antique and vintage teddy bears. Teddy bears bring joy not only to girls and boys, but adults as well.

Estate Sales are good sources for antique and vintage teddy bears.

Record Collecting – MSN Money says a highly lucrative collectible – video of world’s largest collection

This video by ROCKETBOOM, a film by Sean Dunne is about what claims to be the worlds largest record collection of Paul Mawhinney of Pittsburg PA who owned Record Rama. This video was originally filmed in 2008, but continues to be shown including on PBS.

Estate Sales News keeps up with trends in the estate sale market place and on the August 19th issue of MSN Money they featured the 10 highly lucrative collectibles, one being collecting rare records. Here’s a link to the article.

Whether you collect 33, 45 or 78’s vinyl is a highly sought and prized collectible. From the jacket cover to the artist records are still prized and big sellers at an estate sale. Ask an estate liquidator advertising a large collection of records and they will usually be receiving large volumes of calls or emails wanting specifics about what is in the collection and condition.

There are at least a dozen sales listed on EstateSales.Net that feature record collections in the sale within the next 6 weeks.


Government Liquidation – a green initiative

Estate Sales News doesn’t usually cover governmental issues, however, on the news today was an item about the government’s liquidation process. According to the website over 240,000,000 items have been sold. Keep in mind these are all items used by the government or military. With the war in Afghanistan winding down it is anticipated that thousands of additional items will be coming up for sale. Everything from airplane parts to truck tires. Here is the link.

Keeping green has become a mantra for many and is another reason estate sales are so popular.

Estate Sales News will be on the road again next month. Our first stop in September will be California and the metro Los Angeles area.



400 Clocks, banks, slot machines, collectible – Collections from A-Z

Estate Sales News spoke with Barb Leibovitz of Naperville Traders. She and her husband Steve are conducting an estate sale August 16, 17, and 18 in La Grange Highlands, IL that involves 400 clocks (many are novelty), collections of piggy and still banks, railroad memorabilia, figural lamps and much more. When I spoke to her at 7:30pm last evening they were still working at this massive collectors sale.

There are so many novelty clocks at this sale the video we have included is just an FYI for those that are not familiar with them. 

This estate sale also features slot machines. This is truly a packed house. To view this sale Click Here for the link to the sale on

porcelain figural clocknovelty clocknovelty clocksslot machineslot machinegreen novelty clockclockmantle clocksnovelty clocks