SEO Services for Your Website

seo-esnThe visibility of a website within the unpaid results of a search engine is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It affects the placement of the pages on search engines such as Google or Bing by the number of times it appears when a search is conducted. The more times it shows up, the higher the ranking of the website on the search engine.

When you optimize a site with unpaid results the returned search is considered natural or organic. The goal of business websites is to appear on the first page of the search engine.

Understanding what people are searching for or what terms are being targeted by the search engine enables optimization of a website. will offer live telephone consultation to review and assist with SEO for a fee of $50.00 for 40 minutes payable in advance with PayPal.

Consultations will be conducted Monday – Thursday between 8am – 6pm EDT. If you are on the west coast we will work with you to find a time best suited for both parties.

“Carol’s consulting was invaluable in helping our company to better understand the tools available for website evaluations.”

 Julia Stocks, Owner/Publisher
Power Systems Design
China – Europe – North America


If you would like to arrange for an optimization consultation about your estate sale company website,

Please email Carol at with:

  1.  Your website address (url)
  2.  A window of time that you are available to be on your laptop or tablet with Carol
  3.  Your phone number
  4.  Your email address (so that you can receive a PayPal invoice), instructions and answer any questions you may have.                             

I will email you the information you need and my telephone number (so you will recognize the caller) and we won’t be interrupted. This will allow an opportunity to review your website before the telephone consultation. You may wish to take notes if you are not your webmaster.

** As the past owner of an estate sale company with a website, that site was on page one of Google from the first week until the company was sold. Estate Sales News also appeared on Google’s first page within a week and without pay per click advertising.

Good search engine optimization saves money and provides successful results 99% of the time.