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Dan Jordan Again L.A. Estate Sales Discusses Estate Sales Market

Dan Jordan of Again L.A. Estate Sales discusses the estate sales market in Los Angeles and the estate sale industry. It provides an insightful look at the liquidation business in one of our largest cities, and what has happened over time. He also talks about what he sees looking to the future of the estate sale business.

Again L.A. Estate Sales has an estate sale of a Tony nominated composer, Gary Geld who was a minimalist and owned great Mid-Century pieces that starts today in Studio City, CA. Here is a link to that sale and some of the outstanding items for sale.

They also have a fun eclectic sale in the Victoria Park section of Los Angeles this weekend with a rare 1979 Excalibur Roadster for sale. One of only 27 made. To view here is the link.

Our thanks to Dan for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his perspective with us during this very busy week for Again L.A. Estate Sales.