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Estate Sales News 2014 Year In Review – What We Have Learned & Shared

Slide1With Christmas eve less than a week away Estate Sales News wants to look back at what was under the tree this year for us and our estate sale going audience. This truly is a labor of love and we have enjoyed all the opportunities it has presented.

In February 2014 Estate Sales News flew to Memphis, TN to report on the 2014 Estate Sales Conference sponsored by EstateSales.Net and we were a guest speaker at the conference discussing the basics of the estate sale contract. Since late February we have presented many articles on this most important topic and answered numerous requests from sellers and estate liquidators for more information, keeping in mind we are not an attorney and we do not give legal advice.

We have been to California on several occasions to report on a variety of estate sales including one with the crown of a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, a massive sale of multiple collections from a National Geographic photographer and Indian Agent from the 1920’s to name a few.

We have also covered two estate sales (one including an auction) in Michigan. A fantastic collection of Mid-Century Modern furnishings, Jensen sterling, art glass, and more in Midland and another sale that included a large taxidermy auction in Portland, MI.

We had the delightful pleasure of visiting with Judy Martin, nationally known appraiser and estate liquidator at a fabulous sale in a Chicago suburb who provided great information about the estate sale industry and what’s selling as well as her sale for a famous Chicago artist.

Along with our travels, we have interviewed several estate sale companies across the country with unique sales, spoken to the owners of several national estate sale listing websites about the changes they are making to their websites to meet the increasing needs of a rapidly growing liquidation industry and the evolution of the estate sale business.

One of our larger projects this year was writing about How To Choose An Estate Sale Company. We covered in depth what to look for as well as providing a printable list to assist you in the process of finding and hiring an estate sale company.

Estate Sales News has featured articles on the sale of ivory, sales tax, inheritance tax, as well as featured guest articles from Julie Hall, nationally known owner, director of the American Society of Estate Liquidators (ASEL), Lofty.com (a new way of liquidating items that may not be a perfect fit in an estate sale) and of course we have produced many videos from estate sales and liquidation specialists and appraisers.

We have also been been included as a resource by EstateSales.Net for the 7,000 companies listed with them and shared our information with ASEL and other online resources.

Along with good news we have reported on some estate liquidation companies that were not typical of this great industry.

Majolica, gesso, and ormolu were some of the educational topics we wrote about.

We have featured a ThrowBack Thursday feature for most of the year.

Our thanks to EstateSale.company for sharing interesting articles from their collectors corner.

It’s been quite a year at EstateSalesNews.com and we thank everyone mentioned above along with all those who have assisted us in providing a free service to sellers looking to hire estate sale companies, buyers, and estate liquidators.

As the Editor and writer for EstateSalesNews.com it is with great pride to share this overview of some of what we have provided to our audience.

We will be taking some time now to spend with our family for this Christmas season. Please feel free to look into our nearly two years of archival information.

From our house to yours EstateSalesNews.com wishes you a Christmas of joy and happiness the blessings of family and friends.

Now Is The Time To Look, Interview And Book Your 2014 Estate Sale

2013 is drawing to a close and now is an excellent time to start looking, interviewing, and booking an estate sale for 2014.

Most estate liquidators see a slow down in business over the holiday season and although some take vacation others do not. This should present you with an opportunity to speak to a selection of estate liquidators. Do not hesitate to reach outside your immediate area if you do not have an estate sale company in your community or only one.

With business easing back from the approach of Christmas estate sale companies will usually be happy to take time to speak with you for a phone interview and if you choose a face to face interview.

Although most of the listing sites for estate sales are currently showing some sales as far out as February and even into March, this gives you the opportunity to have a better choice of when you would like to have your estate sale. January can present challenges depending on where you live, however, if you need a sale press on. Many states that experience winter weather have road crews that are out in front of winter weather events and that is important. You should ask any estate sale company you interview how they work with winter weather. Do they salt and sand the side walks (or is that your responsibility which it well could be)? How do they protect the interior floors ( brown paper, plastic, etc.) and if the weather is really bad will they extend the sale and how will they let the public know about the extension.

Whatever you decide, the more advance time you have to find your estate sale company and afford them maximum marketing time for your sale, the more you improve the opportunity excellent financial success for you and the estate sale company.