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Huffington Post Suggest 5 Things You Should Buy At Estate Sales

Estate Sales News features an RSS feed from the Huffington Post and today they featured an article on what they consider to be the 5 things you should buy at estate sales and the 3 items they suggest you should not. Here are their recommendations.

The 5 items they recommend are:

  • Silverware
  • Older big furnishings, i.e, bureaus, tables, and shelving units
  • Dishware – fine china or everyday
  • Tablecloths and what they call other niceties or decorative items
  • Jewelry  for the ladies, fine or costume

They suggest you refrain from buying upholstered furniture, big appliances, and cookware.

Estate Sales News recommends that whenever you attend an estate sale you look at the overall conditions of the property. If you spot mold we suggest you reconsider the purchase. You will have to decide on whether the contents were well kept and if the house, condo, or apartment was kept clean and then make your own decisions.

Click Here for the link to their article.