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A Special Estate Sale Weekend, Stand Up To Cancer And 9/11 Rembered

This is a special estate sale weekend. Estate sales will be taking place all over the country. However, tonight is a CNN telethon Stand Up To Cancer and on Sunday we remember and mark the 15th anniversary of American’s worst day – 9/11.

So many estate sale companies have had staff affected by cancer. Even your editor 20 years ago had cancer. Please take some time tonight and donate if you can to the CNN Stand Up To Cancer Telethon.

On Sunday 9/11 we will remember the 15th anniversary of the attack on New York and Washington when almost 3,000 Americans were killed by terrorists. Our world was forever changed. Including how we do business and the way we take notice of people and our environment.

EstateSalesNews.com will pause at 8:47am on Sunday when the north tower was struck. We were 10 miles away that day and it has forever changed us.

We wish all estate sale companies success this weekend. Please remember our service members who keep us safe and make possible our free economy. We also pause to stand and remember the families and friends of those lost that day. So much to remember!

Remembering 9/11 On Estate Sales Friday


PatriotDayCMYK-2012Today we remember the horror of 14 years ago, the lives lost, the heroes who saved, and the cost to our freedom. All of us lost that day and yet we have gained as well. We put aside our differences and pulled together as Americans. It also launched a lot of entrepreneur businesses.

Estate Sales News was not far from New York that day and all that it brought still lingers, but as we go about our business today let’s reflect and honor those who were taken from us by doing what they would want us to do. Move forward, conducting business. Estate sale companies and their staffs are doing that as are most Americans. We will never forget, but we will persevere in your honor.