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Reporting About Estate Sales – Quote Multiple Sources

Editorial, Carol Madden, Owner, Publisher, EstateSalesNews.com

Recently a reporter, Paul Sullivan of the New York Times wrote an article in wealth matters “It Pays To Be Wary When Hiring An Estate Sale Agent”.

This article was circulated on several internet sources about a family in Chicago, IL looking to sell the contents of the parents home in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

The article begins with the names of the individuals (the Davis Family) and their first hand experience with the dark side of estate sales, and includes this quoted “the fixture of weekend life in affluent suburban towns around the country”.

Your editor, as a former liquidator for 20 plus years in the estate sale industry can say without contradiction that estate sales take place in towns (affluent or not) in villages, and even the countryside all over America.

The article explains the problems encountered by the Davis family, however, it does not explain why only two sources quoted were chosen.

Where To Find Estate Sale Companies & What They Require – American Society of Estate Liquidators -ASEL

Today we feature the response from ASEL – The American Society of Estate Liquidators with owner and director Julie Hall. Ms. Hall started her program which includes online education and membership in 2000.


What do you require for a company to do to become a liquidator?

They may take our comprehensive courses or if they already have estate sales experience they can apply for one of three levels of membership we offer.

Do you allow a company to join your association or society without taking courses?

Yes, provided they meet certain criteria. We have comprehensive applications for each one of three levels of membership.

What type of background checks do you perform on a current estate sale company that joins your group?

Applications are reviewed and references are checked.

Do you or a staff member personally speak to past sellers?


If a seller contacts you about an estate sale company that is associated with you what steps do you take?

Listen to the client and document, then contact the liquidator. Listen to the liquidator and document, then recommend a mutually beneficial resolution.

What are you able to do with a company that is found unethical or allegedly committing illegally acts at an estate sale i.e. failure to pay or account etc. ?

It is our policy to terminate the membership of any member that is found to have committed an unethical or illegal act in conjunction with a sale.

Do you charge for membership? We do “not” want to know the amount.


When Reality Hits, Estate Sale Companies Can Help


Estate Sales News thanks Julie Hall, The American Society of Estate Liquidators for this article.



She hadn’t been to her dad’s house since he passed. She dreaded walking into the empty house, knowing it contained a flood of memories and a ton of personal property. As she put her hey in the door to the house she grew up in, the lump in her throat grew. When the door opened and she stepped into the house, emotion gave way to panic: “What are we going to do with all this stuff?”

This typical daughter’s response is the “deer in the headlights” look, and you see it hundreds of times as you help people settle their parents’ affairs. The sadness of losing the last surviving parent quickly turns to dread, frustration, even anger, as a lifetime of accumulation hits like a brick. Some families struggle for months to try and figure out where to begin and how to sell their parents’ residential contents. By following a few simple steps, you can clear your mind and get prepared for the right kind of help: Estate Sale Companies.

Why use an Estate Sale Company?

  • Family may find it emotionally painful to sort through all the items.
  • It is very time-consuming and they may not have time flexibility to devote to pulling out everything that has not been disturbed in years, proper sorting, organizing, setting up, displaying, coordinating, moving, arranging, researching, marketing, hosting — all which can be physically and emotionally demanding.
  • An estate sale professional possesses specialized knowledge in the industry that will maximize proceeds, understand the local market, and assess what it will sell for in that region.
  • It is a specialized niche that requires tremendous skill to conduct a successful, lucrative sale. Some clients prefer that a professional handle the estate for them, alleviating the pressure and massive undertaking from the family and/or executor.
  • Geographically remote heirs need to rely on local resources, lest they keep taking time off work and fly back and forth, causing personal and professional strife.
  • If the real estate has sold quickly, often people will seek out estate sale companies to liquidate the home contents in a timely manner. If they did it themselves, they could take weeks or months to get ready for the sale.
  • To avoid any hard feelings within the family, an estate sale company can minimize tension because it’s in the hands of a professional, objective third party.