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Estate Sales Information – Appraisers Association of America Annual Conference In New York City

This weekend the Appraisers Association of America will hold its annual conference in New York City, November 9 and 10. Both days will be filled with guest speakers and various topics and hosted by different members of the appraisal community. Why is this important to you? Because these people appraise everything from A-Z and in many instances where they have appraised various pieces for auctions and the items have sold this information is used for research by professional estate sale companies. These are extremely knowledgeable people with many years of education and training in their chosen areas of expertise and they have obtained certification as certified Appraisers.

Two of the topics that will be covered over the two days will be The Current Market in Vintage Fashion and Luxury Accessories. Another topic that will be covered Getting Started in Social Media to Market Your Practice. Both of these discussions will feature multiple experts in these fields.

As we have reported here at Estate Sales News social media marketing is a vital element to owning a successful estate sale business and conducting estate liquidations that provide highly satisfactory results for sellers as well as the liquidation company. These include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Estate Sales News utilizes all of these various social media outlets.

Vintage fashion has been a hot button topic here on the Front Page of Estate Sales News and will continue to be. Whether it is video or still photos the interest in vintage fashion is high and so is the desire to have luxury accessories.