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Estate Sales News Remembers Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day isn’t about sales of any kind. It’s about remembering those who have died in the service to the United States of America. Let us take 60 seconds on Monday to stand in silence and give thanks and remembrance to those who have been lost and the families and friends they left behind.

This photo was taken at Arlington National Cemetery. There are now over 35 rows that are casualties from Iraq, Afghanistan, some are from Viet Nam, Korea, and World War II that have been returned home.  Men and women who sacrificed all so that we have this Memorial Day.



Memorial Day 2014 – Remember, Cherish, And Thank You

We celebrate Memorial Day to remember the men and women who died serving our country.


Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is 150 years old this year. There are currently over 300,000+ interred in Arlington. There are  National Cemeteries across the United States with thousands of veterans. Please take a moment today to remember. This day isn’t about store sales or bar-b-ques it’s about individual sacrifices. Estate Sales News thanks you for your service.