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What Is A Good Review Or Bad Review Of An Estate Sale Company?

questions and answersAs the estate sale industry continues explosive expansion on a weekly basis consider reviews and why people write reviews.

In today’s estate liquidation world writing a review can be as simple as getting on the internet and going to Google (if you have a gmail account) or perhaps YP (Yellow Pages) or Yelp.

Reviews are important, but so are the reasons they are written. If you are writing a review be upfront about who you are (why wouldn’t you use your real name if the review is justified good or bad) and don’t bash an estate sale company just because your sale didn’t deliver the results you were hoping for. Last week in Los Angeles President Obama was in LA for two days and caused multiple backups and delays with the presidential motorcade. This resulted in many estate sales having lack luster results because buyers were unable to get there. Many buyers were also kept from going out because of the severe heat in many areas.

Estate sale companies cannot control traffic, weather, the stock market (and yes that really does affect your sale) or the economy in general.

If you are unhappy with the results of your sale wait until all buyers have left the property and discuss what has taken place or lack of sales. If you feel your sale wasn’t advertised sufficiently ask the liquidator to show you the advertisements or let you know what websites they were on. Discuss all the variables of the sale and remember that unless your estate sale company gave you a written guarantee of the money that would be brought in at the sale they too were disappointed because most companies work on commission so the more they sell and make the better the financial results for you both.

If you are happy with the results write a good review. Explain why you were satisfied and use your real name. Writing a bad review based out of disappointment does little and especially if you don’t use your actual name. Remember Google and Yelp will allow a company to respond to your review and present their case.

If you do encounter a serious problem with an estate sale company reporting it to a local consumer reporter who will investigate the claim is usually the procedure to follow, but keep in mind that if the claim is not valid the reporter may be interested in your motives.

Good reviews or bad reviews need to be honest, accurate, and responsibly written.