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Keeping Energized In A Business That Seldom Stops

24-7-clock-hiPrior to the coming of age of the baby boomer population most estate sale companies worked two to three weeks in a month and they could stage and price most sales within five days.

With millions of boomers now looking to downsize or eliminate their lifetime of collecting the stage has changed.

Thousands of people have opened estate sale companies and in many instances they are using family (especially spouses) to work with them.

This cuts down on family time in so many ways. Having a dinner together that was prepared at home instead of take out, enjoying an evening at the movies, enjoying a book, or just kicking back and watching a little television.

For all of you with school age children your time is even more regulated, trying not to miss important school activities, helping with homework, and in general just being there when your children want to discuss what is taking place in their lives.

We noticed this summer that many estate sale companies decided to take some serious time off, either to relax, recharge, have a change of scene, or just some quality family time.

All of us need to take time to allow our minds and bodies to catch up with the constant pressures of a non-stop business. For some liquidators (and I was one of those once) my cell phone was on by 7am and remained on until 10:30pm seven days a week.

Allowing ourselves, whatever business you are in, to have some off time to refresh is necessary.

The next time the phone rings and you are exhausted and finding it difficult to make a decision, listen to your mind and body saying let me rest a little. You’ll be glad you did and so will your family, friends, and also your clients. Giving each them your best efforts.