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Mother’s Day Is May 11, Buy Her Something Special At An Estate Sale

LaliqueEstate Sale companies there is just over 2 weeks before Mother’s day. Now is the time to use every advertising resource you have to get the message out that buying a Mother’s day gift at an estate sale can make it very special.

Vintage clothing and jewelry, collectible or vintage kitchenware, linens, antiques, even vintage hats and designer purses can be bought.

Take your advertising to the next level. Utilize not only estate sale listing sites, but Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ and YouTube. Social Media is free in most cases and can reach millions.

For instance create a Pinterest board for Mother’s day for your sale. Showcase special items.

Tweet out what you’re finding as you sort through the contents.

This is also a moment to showcase your advertising capabilities and utilize this in your presentation to perspective estate sellers.

The possibilities are restricted only by your creativity.

Buyers this is your opportunity.

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