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Waiting For Discounts At Estate Sales May Cost You

Every weekend thousands of estate sales take place across this country and most offer contents priced well below retailers.

Consider that the two day estate sale has now become in many cases a three or four day sale to facilitate selling off the entire contents of the property and allows for discounting at a certain point.

Each estate sale company has a different policy about discounts or price reductions. Most estate sale companies will not offer discounts on day one. The sale is just beginning. Usually by day two they will offer some discount either on all or a part of the contents they are charged with selling. By day three the discounts may become greater. If the estate sale goes into a fourth day the discounts are usually quite significant.

Considering this information, when you see an item you are interested in acquiring, make the purchase. You may be making a mistake if you choose to wait for it to be discounted. The prices of items estate sales are already below what you pay at a retailer. It becomes a gamble to wait on the possibility of a discount, return another day and find the piece you wanted to purchase sold on day one.

Finding Collectible Pyrex At Estate Sales

Those of us that are baby boomers remember the many pieces of oven proof, often colored glass containers our Moms used in the kitchen when we were growing up. I still have the Pyrex round in red that my Mom made Jello salad in at least weekly.

Pyrex was a glass developed by the Corning Company in 1915. Pyrex is a low thermal expansion glass. There is a fascinating history to Pyrex and the way it was made. For those that enjoy history and science here is the link to Wikipedia to read about this remarkable glass.

Pyrex has become very collectible and a variety of pieces including bowls, casseroles, and other kitchen friendly pieces can be purchased at estate sales. An interesting piece of trivia about Pyrex is during the 1930s and 1940s they used designers to help develop the many designs and patterns you find today.

With a wide variety of colors and designs that were sold it now decorates many kitchens, china closets, shelving ,and other display areas. When you visit an estate sale don’t forget to check out the kitchen to see if this wonderful glass is included in the sale. A new collection may just be starting for you.

We have created a Pyrex board on Pinterest to showcase these and other collections.

Here are some photos from an avid Pyrex collector.


Estate Sales Flourish Over Retail In All Kinds Of Market Trends

Today we celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday and the stock market is closed. It is a federal holiday.

Retail stores are open, many offering sales, and estate liquidation companies are preparing for another weekend of sales. Estate liquidators have few holidays.

The stock market has been on a roller coaster ride during the first weeks of 2016, but estate liquidation companies report estate sales are flourishing.

Even with torrential rains in parts of the west, snow and cold in the midwest, and severe weather outbreaks in the south and southeast, estate sales are seeing higher numbers of buyers.

Retailers by their nature, have larger floor spaces to work with, but are constricted by their corporate owners, and what their buyers have chosen to offer for sale as well as being limited to pricing the new merchandise to sell in their stores.

Buying At Estate Sales – Keeping Up With Technology, Credit, Cash, or Check

MP900422348Estate liquidators are continuously having to keep up with market conditions and changing technology such as social media and now with the ability to use credit cards to further assist and provide even more services for their clients and customers.

Up until 5 years ago most estate sale companies accepted either cash or in some areas checks too. The technology to accept charge cards at a private residence was mostly unavailable and was not able to be accepted by most liquidators. Today that has changed. A vast number of estate liquidators now accept credit cards.

Recently Estate Sales News asked 700 plus estate sale companies about how they accept credit card payment.

We gleaned much from their answers and the input they provided.

The number one provider from the responses we received is Square. This can be used by iPhone or Android and depending on the companys’ choice of reader they can either swipe or read a chip from a credit card.

The number two choice was PayPal. A triangular reader that can work with iPhone, iPad or Android along with their app.

Intuit QuickBooks Go Payments also works with iPhone, iPad and Android.

Other companies that are used by estate liquidators are Amazon, First Data, Merchant Warehouse, SharkPay by Capitol One, Bank of America and EPN Resellers.

There was discussion among the estate sale companies that responded as to why they chose the company they use and one fact stood out more than any other. They have researched and done their due diligence.

In today’s fast paced world of estate liquidation keeping informed and providing additional services such as credit card acceptance is key to helping be a successful estate sale company.

** Consumers please note that when you use a credit card at an estate sale simply disliking the product you received isn’t grounds for a chargeback – as the National Consumer Law Center notes in it’s guide to credit card rights “You cannot raise a complaint about the quality of merchandise or services you bought with a credit card in the form of a billing dispute”. While being disappointed with the quality of your purchase it will usually be covered under the retailer’s (estate sale companys’) return policy, which can be hand written or printed on receipts as All Sales Final, No Returns, No Refunds or Exchanges, All Sales As Is. This is an alert to let you know that if you try to receive a credit back on your charge card, it probably won’t happen.  It’s not grounds for getting your bank involved. This information was derived from www.dailyfinance.com



Buying At Estate Sales – What To Be Aware Of

ShoppingEstate Sales News encourages the public to buy at estate sales and if the liquidator offers delivery or shipping they usually follow through without incident. We have done this many times and been extremely satisfied.

However Estate Sales News made a purchase recently and this has not worked out as planned.  An item was purchased, paid for with a credit card, was to be shipped, and now three weeks later the item has not arrived. Text messages to the estate sale company have been sent several times with no response and two phone calls were made that were answered, however, the item has yet to arrive and neither has the shipping info as well.  Most estate sale companies deal in good faith with their customers.

When you put your trust in an estate sale company you should follow up and be sure to post positive feedback for good customer service. Estate sale companies care about their reputation. Buyers just like sellers can always search reviews on the internet, however, there isn’t always time and if negative feedback is posted it let’s future sellers know about the companies practices and ethics.

As a buyer or seller posting feedback on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other sites is valuable information for future sellers and buyers. Your reviews should be truthful, explain the service rendered to you, and not done with bias.