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Estate Sales News – introduction to film camera collecting with video

Estate Sales News is pleased to have as guest author William J. Madden, amateur photographer and photographic collector. We have included a video by Michael Adams, a camera collector to introduce you to the world of film cameras.

Estate sales are great places to find vintage cameras and lenses, I don’t think I have ever been to an estate sale that didn’t have at least one camera of some sort in it.  There are many types of camera collectors, some collect nothing but amateur cameras ( like Kodak Brownie’s), other collectors look for the high  end vintage cameras like Nikon and Leica.

I started out with a Kodak Brownie camera for photos, then a Kodak Brownie 8mm for movies and then eventually went to a Minolta Super 8 movie camera.

Some collectors look to buy every single model of a particular camera maker and never use them, they just display them, while other collectors buy cameras to use for their everyday photography (yes, many photographers still use film in this digital age!!).